Fall Festivities

This past weekend I had a couple of fun opportunities, the first of which involved dressing up and pouring beer for our local Hauntfest downtown on Saturday night. It was on a volunteer basis, but it’s really fun to just get in costume and get to see and talk to people you’ve never met before. I also got to do it with two of my girlfriends πŸ™‚

IMG_5107 copyLeft to Right is: Cassie (my bestie aka Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph), Me (Iceman from Top Gun–courtesy of my boyfriend’s costume the last two years), and the lovely Rachel (Sherlock Holmes).

We learned last year that it can get REALLY cold at night when you have beer-soaked hands and feet, so we all bundled and layered and it was an amazing time. I can’t wait for the Halloween party Cassie and I are hosting this weekend, it’s going to be a blast!

I also had an impromptu visit with my niece on Sunday! πŸ˜€ We went to a local dairy farm/family fun place and got to pet and feed goats, see kittens and cows, do a corn maze, hay ride, eat ice cream, drink cider, etc. It was perfect πŸ™‚ I hardly took any pictures though, so I found some look-alikes on the interwebs, ha

Sept15HayTurkeys 004PumpkinsMommieAgainatHomesteadFarmsGoatFace3-McMaze-Corn-MazeAlso, for those that actually care about my earlier post, my lace-up oxford heels just found their way into my car for the rest of the day. They are just too dang uncomfortable. Luckily I wore my Sperry’s to the gym today, so I changed into those! So much more comfortable…looks like I found another item to part with.

10 day mini-challenge: Lace-up Oxfords

Goooood morning! I’m in a perky mood today, ha πŸ™‚ Maybe it has to do with the fact that I cooked some delicious vegetarian chili in my crock pot overnight, woke up early, went swimming at the gym, and ate some delicious Tim Horton’s on my way in to work! Aside from my frizzy hair, I am very happy with today’s outfit centering around my beige lace-up oxford heels:

IMG_5156IMG_5161Beige lace-up oxford heels: Forever 21
Khaki-green pants: H&M
Black/floral 1/2 sleeve shirt: H&M
Cranberry scarf: Forever 21

This is probably my favorite outfit of this week so far. I am obsessed with lace-up oxford heels. I have two other pairs that I wear regularly, but I’ve been afraid to wear these because even though they are cute, they are somewhat uncomfortable. I wore pantyhose under my pants, however, which seems to help with the rubbing that has previously cause blisters (ouch!). They haven’t hurt much today, but it’s still early πŸ˜‰

10 day mini-challenge: Polka Dot…Top?

Hi! Today is kind of a different experience…my selection is this black/white polka dot skirt ermmmm tube-top:

IMG_5146Black/white polka-dot skirt-gone-tube-top: H&M
Taupe/gray cardigan: H&M
Plum straight-leg pants (I could not capture the true color in that awful bathroom lighting): H&M
Black ballet flats: Target (Merona)

I love polka dots. My best friend does, too. We’re obsessed. It’s such a simple statement piece that is fun and easy to combine with just about anything.

To be quite honest, I kind of threw this ensemble together without much thought this morning. I went with the safe option because my problem with this skirt is that I feel it’s too tight for work purposes, and I did not give myself enough prep time to find an outfit to minimize this fault. It’s a darling little knee-length bodycon skirt, but when the polka dots enlarge slightly on my bum…well I shouldn’t have to say much more than that. It actually converted quite nicely into a top though. It’s surprisingly comfy.

And I just realized the perfect pair of shoes to wear with them! I have these cute little polka dot Mary-Janes that I have yet to wear, and that would have been subtle enough to combine and compliment the other polka dots in my outfit. Oh well, till next time.

Comments welcome πŸ™‚

Weekend Rewind

Oops, forgot (well, moreso didn’t have time) to post Friday’s 10 day-mini challenge outfit: coral neon and white blouse:

IMG_5105White/coral blouse: Forever 21
Navy cardigan: H&M
Beige straight-leg pants: H&M
Navy Flats: Target
White/Navy-striped headband w/ bow: Old Navy

Reason(s) I love it: that bright pop of linear coral, matching coral wrist-cuffs (rolled), and gold button accents.
Problem: too big, too see-through for work. Probably could’ve used a good steam session before wearing it out as well, ha.
Solution: cover up the width, pair some navy (I LOVE coral+navy) with it. I wanted to wear my newly-rediscovered navy blazer with it, but I already did that once last week so I decided to wear my favorite navy cardi instead. I also forgot to wear earrings or any other accessories other than my headband, oh well! I’m still not completely sold on keeping it. We’ll have to see if I wear it a few more times before the no-shopping challenge ends…which brings me to today’s item: this (meh) beige skirt:

IMG_5131I do like these tights though!

IMG_5135Beige linen-blend skirt: Forever 21
Burgundy sweater-cardigan: Forever 21 (love!)
Black tank: Old Navy
Burgundy diamond-patterned tights: Forever 21
Black Pumps: Target

Reason(s) I love want to wear it: POTENTIAL. This skirt could be so cute, I just have yet to find an outfit I love with it. I mean, it’s so friggin’ simple, I could wear it with anything! Why am I having such a hard time with it??
Problem: too see-through. I have to wear two slips with it, and still wear a shirt long enough to cover my bum. Maybe it’s a better summer skirt. It’s light, airy, and could go a long way with a splash of teal or pink. I don’t really like the outfit I picked…I don’t know exactly why because I love the different pieces, especially the cardi and tights. I just feel old in it. Maybe it’s the combo of tights, pumps, long-skirt, and overall prude-ness. I’m not one to flaunt everything, but I feel really conservative and covered-up here. Maybe nude-tights would look better. Enough with my rambles.
Solution: to be determined…

10 day mini-challenge: The Yellow Dress

Day 4 of wearing old new things πŸ™‚

Today’s choice: This yellow dress with a blue fan-print on it. I absolutely love it.

Reason(s) I love it: Yellow is my favorite color, and I think this mustard-shade is especially fun in the fall. Sorry the pic is dark, I’m trying to hurry up and not look like a creeper when I pull my phone out and take pics in the bathroom! The leggings, dress detail and tie-belt (from a different dress) are all navy blue. The boots are brown.

IMG_5096Yellow dress w/ navy detailing: Forever 21
Navy braided headband: Old Navy
Navy capri-leggings: Walmart
Brown Faux Leather Boots: Forever 21

Problem: I am ALL for boots with leggings in the winter, and I used to religiously wear the combo when I was in school. Since starting as a “professional” though, I worry that maybe it’s not business-casual enough…

Solution: Stop thinking about it so much. Do it. Get over your fear. If you get in trouble, you get in trouble, and you don’t do it again. But you’ll never know unless you try!

Guess what? No trouble πŸ˜›


10 day mini-challenge: Pastel Yellow + Eyelet Collar

Today’s choice: The third day of my mini-challenge is here, and I present to you…this eyelet-collared blouse!

IMG_5085Yellow and white eyelet-collared blouse: Forever 21
Pearl Headband: Forever 21
Gray Cardigan: Target
Black A-line skirt: Forever 21
Black Pumps: Target (Merona)

We also got our first taste of snow this morning (barely), so I had to put on some tights πŸ™‚

Reason(s) I love it: My desire for this blouse stemmed from Lana Del Rey’s British Vogue cover in March 2012. I loved everything they styled her with in the issue, specifically a piece from the Louis Vuitton Summer 2012 Pastel Collection. Being an avid LDR-follower, once I saw this yellow-chiffon button-up with a white eyelet collar, I had to have it. Not quite the same, but you can see a slight similarity…

lana-del-rey-and-vogue-uk-galleryMore pieces from Louis Vuitton’s collection last summer:

louis-vuitton-spring-2012-2Also as a side note, the girl on the right was somewhat an inspiration to me to go as blonde as I did on Saturday.

Louis-Vuitton-Spring-Summer-2012-Ad-Campaign-Hers is way more silver (jealous), but hey, at least my hair isn’t going to break off into a million pieces…hopefully. Anyways.

Problem: Styling this blouse was a different story. I found it marked down on Forever 21’s sale page. If you’ve ever bought anything from their sale or clearance, you know it better damn well fit because you can’t take it back. You probably also know that 99% of their items run super small. Therefore, I ordered a large (as usual). It ended up being waaay too big on me. I mean, this thing goes out about 6 inches on either side of me. I found I could tie it in a little knot and it would be cute, but what else do I wear it with?

Solution: I was all but about to throw it in my “sell” pile over the weekend, until I realized as long as I could tuck it in and cover it with a tighter cardigan, it could pass the unseeing eye. I really, really wanted to love it, and finally, I do πŸ™‚ I even got a few compliments on the gray-yellow combo at work. Yay!

10 day mini-challenge: Funky Patterns

Today’s choice: orange/blue funky diamond-patterned tee
Reason(s) I love it: the contrasting colors and the edginess of the pattern. I love a fun pattern.
Problem: can’t wear tees to work; didn’t know what to pair it with
Solution: I was going to wear it with my navy cardigan, but I wear that cardigan so much, I’m afraid it won’t make it through the challenge. I remembered I had bought a cheap navy blazer for interviews in college, and never ended up wearing it–still had the tags on it! Double whammy: found a new way to wear two things I never wear πŸ™‚

IMG_5072Orange/blue diamond-pattern tee: Forever 21
Navy blazer: Forever 21
Beige pants: H&M
Navy patent pumps: Etienne Aigner (DSW)

I had to use Photoshop to make the picture on the left side darker. I couldn’t take a decent close-up on my phone without it completely washing out both colors. This is why it looks yellow, but I assure you, it’s orange!

10 day mini-challenge: Floral + Studs

Today marks the start of a 10-day mini-challenge I have designed for myself. In all of my shopping endeavors, I have so often run into the problem of buying clothes that are super fun, but I have no clue what to pair them with, let alone for work. I usually opt for “safe” choices for work: pants, sweaters, cardigans, and flats. Since beginning my no-new-clothes challenge, I realize work affords the opportunity to try all kinds of new outfit combinations, especially when I opt for sweats and comfy clothes when I go home. When else do I have so many opportunities to get dressed up?

The 10 day mini-challenge: how to convert “going out” clothes into “work-appropriate clothes”

I have picked 10 items in my closet that I have either a. never worn, b. have only worn once or twice, or c. have always had a “problem” with it being work appropriate.IMG_5010Today’s choice: floral-chiffon blouse
Reason(s) I love it: fun studded-collar and soft, feminine floral-print
Problem: studded collar and overall [awesome] gaudiness of the shirt for work-purposes
Solution: pair it with a sweater, while letting the floral pattern show on the cuffs and collar
outfitFloral studded blouse: Forever 21
Salmon beehive-knit sweater: Forever 21
Black straight-leg pants: H&M
Burgundy almond-toe wedges: Forever 21

Ice Ice Baby

Somebody went ice blonde yesterday πŸ™‚


Loving this color, and I can actually pull off a red lip now! I can’t wait to play around with it more. I was going for white-blonde, so my stylist recommended this purple shampoo from AG Hair Cosmetics called “Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo” that helps it appear more ash-colored. We’ll see how that goes, she warned me not to use it too too often or it could turn my hair purple! Ha

I stopped at the mall on Friday to pick up my winter coat that I budgeted $120 for, knowing precisely which one I wanted. It’s a really cute black moto-esq coat from Delias, with some faux leather detail:

Untitled-1I was super annoyed to find out Delia’s doesn’t have winter coats in store yet, only jackets. I mean, you can sell bikinis in February, but not winter coats in late October? Psh, oh well. I ended up ordering it online, and it was marked down 20% off to $81.90! Win.

I also stopped at Forever 21 to replace my sunglasses that were abducted by the ocean two weeks ago (not budgeted for…coming out of my clothing sales money), but that was a bust as well. No sunglasses to be seen anywhere. Sephora finally came through for me, and I treated myself to some new makeup since I met one of my savings goals on Friday! Woot πŸ™‚ Here’s my haul, including my shampoo from Saturday:

photoI have an exciting goal this week, but more about that later. Lastly, here’s a silly video still of a dance I’ve been working on:
imageJean vest: Forever 21
“Wherefore art thou” tank: Forever 21
High-waisted red shorts: Forever 21
Glitter-wedge sneakers: Amazon

Cotton Candy Bubble Yum

I was inspired by one of the blogs I follow (lovealwayshannah) to search the depths of my closet for an old striped cardi that I don’t wear often enough, and pair it with a bold color. I feel like a piece of bubble gum, but I love it! I went casual today with the glasses (1 month till LASIK, woop woop!). I also pulled out my, shockingly, first scarf of the season. It’s getting too cold around these Dayton parts…I think I need to finally pick up that winter coat I budgeted for.

White Jacket: Old Navy
Blue/White Scarf: H&M
Blue/White Striped Cardi: Forever 21
Coral Tank: Old Navy
Gray Pants: Delia’s
Patent Blue Pumps: DSW (Etienne Aigner)
Freshwater Pearl Necklace: Gift from bestie in Hawaii