Excuses, excuses

I can’t remember if I have mentioned before that I am…um…crazy obsessed with k-pop. So much so that I am dressing as one of the artists for Halloween. Meet Park Bom from 2NE1, one of my fashion idols that is crazy beautiful and always in style (look at her nails!):

Before going on my shopping hiatus, I was able to snag all parts of my costume (even though costumes don’t technically count): my gold glitter lace-up wedge sneakers, white and cherry-blossom patterned bodycon dress, gaudy gold jewelry, red wig, and even brown circle lenses, which Bom always has on. Pics to follow after our Halloween party on the 2nd! πŸ™‚

I am also attending a separate Halloween engagement on the 26th. I’m pouring beer at a big Hauntfest downtown, and it is going to be too cold to wear my other costume (or any of my past costumes…last year I was lame and just wore some cat accessories). Before going on my hiatus, I considered ordering some of the parts of another favorite k-pop star, Yoona, from SNSD/Girl’s Generation, but I never did. Here is Yoona:


Today I decided to take the plunge and order the hoodie, cap, and brunette wig (about $60 altogether). I felt really guilty after ordering them, like I had relapsed into my old compulsive self. I convinced myself that it fell into the “costume” category, which it technically does. Maybe the guilt is stemming from almost 2 months of “sobriety,” ha. Oh well…I just hope it gets here in time (I ordered from China! eek)

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