Ice Ice Baby

Somebody went ice blonde yesterday πŸ™‚


Loving this color, and I can actually pull off a red lip now! I can’t wait to play around with it more. I was going for white-blonde, so my stylist recommended this purple shampoo from AG Hair Cosmetics called “Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo” that helps it appear more ash-colored. We’ll see how that goes, she warned me not to use it too too often or it could turn my hair purple! Ha

I stopped at the mall on Friday to pick up my winter coat that I budgeted $120 for, knowing precisely which one I wanted. It’s a really cute black moto-esq coat from Delias, with some faux leather detail:

Untitled-1I was super annoyed to find out Delia’s doesn’t have winter coats in store yet, only jackets. I mean, you can sell bikinis in February, but not winter coats in late October? Psh, oh well. I ended up ordering it online, and it was marked down 20% off to $81.90! Win.

I also stopped at Forever 21 to replace my sunglasses that were abducted by the ocean two weeks ago (not budgeted for…coming out of my clothing sales money), but that was a bust as well. No sunglasses to be seen anywhere. Sephora finally came through for me, and I treated myself to some new makeup since I met one of my savings goals on Friday! Woot πŸ™‚ Here’s my haul, including my shampoo from Saturday:

photoI have an exciting goal this week, but more about that later. Lastly, here’s a silly video still of a dance I’ve been working on:
imageJean vest: Forever 21
“Wherefore art thou” tank: Forever 21
High-waisted red shorts: Forever 21
Glitter-wedge sneakers: Amazon

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