10 day mini-challenge: Floral + Studs

Today marks the start of a 10-day mini-challenge I have designed for myself. In all of my shopping endeavors, I have so often run into the problem of buying clothes that are super fun, but I have no clue what to pair them with, let alone for work. I usually opt for “safe” choices for work: pants, sweaters, cardigans, and flats. Since beginning my no-new-clothes challenge, I realize work affords the opportunity to try all kinds of new outfit combinations, especially when I opt for sweats and comfy clothes when I go home. When else do I have so many opportunities to get dressed up?

The 10 day mini-challenge: how to convert “going out” clothes into “work-appropriate clothes”

I have picked 10 items in my closet that I have either a. never worn, b. have only worn once or twice, or c. have always had a “problem” with it being work appropriate.IMG_5010Today’s choice: floral-chiffon blouse
Reason(s) I love it: fun studded-collar and soft, feminine floral-print
Problem: studded collar and overall [awesome] gaudiness of the shirt for work-purposes
Solution: pair it with a sweater, while letting the floral pattern show on the cuffs and collar
outfitFloral studded blouse: Forever 21
Salmon beehive-knit sweater: Forever 21
Black straight-leg pants: H&M
Burgundy almond-toe wedges: Forever 21

One thought on “10 day mini-challenge: Floral + Studs

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