10 day mini-challenge: Pastel Yellow + Eyelet Collar

Today’s choice: The third day of my mini-challenge is here, and I present to you…this eyelet-collared blouse!

IMG_5085Yellow and white eyelet-collared blouse: Forever 21
Pearl Headband: Forever 21
Gray Cardigan: Target
Black A-line skirt: Forever 21
Black Pumps: Target (Merona)

We also got our first taste of snow this morning (barely), so I had to put on some tights πŸ™‚

Reason(s) I love it: My desire for this blouse stemmed from Lana Del Rey’s British Vogue cover in March 2012. I loved everything they styled her with in the issue, specifically a piece from the Louis Vuitton Summer 2012 Pastel Collection. Being an avid LDR-follower, once I saw this yellow-chiffon button-up with a white eyelet collar, I had to have it. Not quite the same, but you can see a slight similarity…

lana-del-rey-and-vogue-uk-galleryMore pieces from Louis Vuitton’s collection last summer:

louis-vuitton-spring-2012-2Also as a side note, the girl on the right was somewhat an inspiration to me to go as blonde as I did on Saturday.

Louis-Vuitton-Spring-Summer-2012-Ad-Campaign-Hers is way more silver (jealous), but hey, at least my hair isn’t going to break off into a million pieces…hopefully. Anyways.

Problem: Styling this blouse was a different story. I found it marked down on Forever 21’s sale page. If you’ve ever bought anything from their sale or clearance, you know it better damn well fit because you can’t take it back. You probably also know that 99% of their items run super small. Therefore, I ordered a large (as usual). It ended up being waaay too big on me. I mean, this thing goes out about 6 inches on either side of me. I found I could tie it in a little knot and it would be cute, but what else do I wear it with?

Solution: I was all but about to throw it in my “sell” pile over the weekend, until I realized as long as I could tuck it in and cover it with a tighter cardigan, it could pass the unseeing eye. I really, really wanted to love it, and finally, I do πŸ™‚ I even got a few compliments on the gray-yellow combo at work. Yay!

3 thoughts on “10 day mini-challenge: Pastel Yellow + Eyelet Collar

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