10 day mini-challenge: The Yellow Dress

Day 4 of wearing old new things πŸ™‚

Today’s choice: This yellow dress with a blue fan-print on it. I absolutely love it.

Reason(s) I love it: Yellow is my favorite color, and I think this mustard-shade is especially fun in the fall. Sorry the pic is dark, I’m trying to hurry up and not look like a creeper when I pull my phone out and take pics in the bathroom! The leggings, dress detail and tie-belt (from a different dress) are all navy blue. The boots are brown.

IMG_5096Yellow dress w/ navy detailing: Forever 21
Navy braided headband: Old Navy
Navy capri-leggings: Walmart
Brown Faux Leather Boots: Forever 21

Problem: I am ALL for boots with leggings in the winter, and I used to religiously wear the combo when I was in school. Since starting as a “professional” though, I worry that maybe it’s not business-casual enough…

Solution: Stop thinking about it so much. Do it. Get over your fear. If you get in trouble, you get in trouble, and you don’t do it again. But you’ll never know unless you try!

Guess what? No trouble πŸ˜›


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