Weekend Rewind

Oops, forgot (well, moreso didn’t have time) to post Friday’s 10 day-mini challenge outfit: coral neon and white blouse:

IMG_5105White/coral blouse: Forever 21
Navy cardigan: H&M
Beige straight-leg pants: H&M
Navy Flats: Target
White/Navy-striped headband w/ bow: Old Navy

Reason(s) I love it: that bright pop of linear coral, matching coral wrist-cuffs (rolled), and gold button accents.
Problem: too big, too see-through for work. Probably could’ve used a good steam session before wearing it out as well, ha.
Solution: cover up the width, pair some navy (I LOVE coral+navy) with it. I wanted to wear my newly-rediscovered navy blazer with it, but I already did that once last week so I decided to wear my favorite navy cardi instead. I also forgot to wear earrings or any other accessories other than my headband, oh well! I’m still not completely sold on keeping it. We’ll have to see if I wear it a few more times before the no-shopping challenge ends…which brings me to today’s item: this (meh) beige skirt:

IMG_5131I do like these tights though!

IMG_5135Beige linen-blend skirt: Forever 21
Burgundy sweater-cardigan: Forever 21 (love!)
Black tank: Old Navy
Burgundy diamond-patterned tights: Forever 21
Black Pumps: Target

Reason(s) I love want to wear it: POTENTIAL. This skirt could be so cute, I just have yet to find an outfit I love with it. I mean, it’s so friggin’ simple, I could wear it with anything! Why am I having such a hard time with it??
Problem: too see-through. I have to wear two slips with it, and still wear a shirt long enough to cover my bum. Maybe it’s a better summer skirt. It’s light, airy, and could go a long way with a splash of teal or pink. I don’t really like the outfit I picked…I don’t know exactly why because I love the different pieces, especially the cardi and tights. I just feel old in it. Maybe it’s the combo of tights, pumps, long-skirt, and overall prude-ness. I’m not one to flaunt everything, but I feel really conservative and covered-up here. Maybe nude-tights would look better. Enough with my rambles.
Solution: to be determined…

4 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind

      • Nothing wrong with two (or more) slips but how about really going for it and wearing some longer vintage slips so the lacy or pleated hem of the slip(s) extends longer than the skirt, giving it some flare and more interest?

      • Oh my…I’m still so embarrassed about this outfit that I want to just take this post down, ha! But I won’t…also, I think I sold that skirt, but your advice probably would’ve worked well! I’ll keep that in mind when I am allowed to buy clothes again, as I have some other skirts that could use some flare. Thanks for commenting!

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