10 day mini-challenge: Polka Dot…Top?

Hi! Today is kind of a different experience…my selection is this black/white polka dot skirt ermmmm tube-top:

IMG_5146Black/white polka-dot skirt-gone-tube-top: H&M
Taupe/gray cardigan: H&M
Plum straight-leg pants (I could not capture the true color in that awful bathroom lighting): H&M
Black ballet flats: Target (Merona)

I love polka dots. My best friend does, too. We’re obsessed. It’s such a simple statement piece that is fun and easy to combine with just about anything.

To be quite honest, I kind of threw this ensemble together without much thought this morning. I went with the safe option because my problem with this skirt is that I feel it’s too tight for work purposes, and I did not give myself enough prep time to find an outfit to minimize this fault. It’s a darling little knee-length bodycon skirt, but when the polka dots enlarge slightly on my bum…well I shouldn’t have to say much more than that. It actually converted quite nicely into a top though. It’s surprisingly comfy.

And I just realized the perfect pair of shoes to wear with them! I have these cute little polka dot Mary-Janes that I have yet to wear, and that would have been subtle enough to combine and compliment the other polka dots in my outfit. Oh well, till next time.

Comments welcome šŸ™‚

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