10 day mini-challenge: Lace-up Oxfords

Goooood morning! I’m in a perky mood today, ha πŸ™‚ Maybe it has to do with the fact that I cooked some delicious vegetarian chili in my crock pot overnight, woke up early, went swimming at the gym, and ate some delicious Tim Horton’s on my way in to work! Aside from my frizzy hair, I am very happy with today’s outfit centering around my beige lace-up oxford heels:

IMG_5156IMG_5161Beige lace-up oxford heels: Forever 21
Khaki-green pants: H&M
Black/floral 1/2 sleeve shirt: H&M
Cranberry scarf: Forever 21

This is probably my favorite outfit of this week so far. I am obsessed with lace-up oxford heels. I have two other pairs that I wear regularly, but I’ve been afraid to wear these because even though they are cute, they are somewhat uncomfortable. I wore pantyhose under my pants, however, which seems to help with the rubbing that has previously cause blisters (ouch!). They haven’t hurt much today, but it’s still early πŸ˜‰

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