10 day mini-challenge: Finito

I’m a little behind on my posts due to the nature of my job. As an accountant you can be certain of 3 things in life: death, taxes, and month end…the last one being the one that’s held me up.

Anyways. Thursdays striped top:20131105-184515.jpgNavy/white vertical striped top: Forever 21
Navy cardigan: H&M
Burgundy wax-coated pants with gold ankle zips: H&M
Patent navy heels: DSW

Reason I love it: it’s cute and it’s got navy, one of my most versatile colors in it. I don’t have anything else (aside from the same top in a subtle mint/cream combo) with vertical stripes!
Problem: I’ve attempted to wear this once or twice, but without proper styling, my friends call it my referee top…def not what I’m going for.
Solution: I can’t take all the cred for this one. I had my bestie help style this and she did a fabulous job with the color combo I think 🙂

Friday’s Monday’s dress:

20131105-185405.jpg20131105-185417.jpgBaby blue dress with rhinestone-embellished collar: Forever 21
Black mini cardi: Forever 21
Black fleece-lined leggings (it’s finally cold enough to wear them again!): Forever 21
Black BCBG booties: DSW

Reasons I love it: What’s not to love about this dress? The color is a pretty color for winter and the collar is flashy and fun. I remember wanting this dress for a long time from Forever’s website, but I held off until it finally went on clearance.
Problem: Wasn’t sure about the length, the collar may be too much for work, and didn’t know what to pair it with.
Solution: Pair it with some subtle black leggings and a matching mini-cardi, wear hair down so as to balance out the collar, and pair it with some cute booties to keep it dressy.

Final thoughts on this mini-challenge:

I was forced out of my comfort zone, but it was good for me. I picked several pieces I didn’t think I could make happen for work-purposes, and surprised myself with the results. I had a few friends at work who took notice and were supportive of my choices and challenge! That definitely helped. I also found that a few of the pieces I chose were simply “meh,” and will be going into my sales pile–usually I would just keep them with the promise of “wearing them someday.” Not anymore! I can foresee this challenge coming around again soon 🙂

Preview of my Halloween costume from our party this past Saturday night:

20131105-185555.jpgPark Bom ^^