Holidays, LASIK, and Makeup

Happy Sunday evening everyone! I trust you are having a very happy holiday season! For those of you celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas! I think you can get away with saying it 4 days later when people still have their homes lit up and decorated 🙂 I can’t keep track of the days with all this scattered time-off. Guess that’s not a horrible problem to have.

The biggest present (though not even my favorite!) I received was this little bank-breaker that I gifted to myself:

IMG_5565Yes that’s me (smh)…sans makeup…and relaxing after surgery. I’ve been saving a long time to get my eyes fixed. The good news? LASIK has allowed me to see!!!! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. My eyes are still a bit dry, but overall, it was completely worth it! I went from being 20/400 to 20/15!

I plan a Christmas “haul” post later this week. My friends and family have been good to me 🙂

Before I get to the haul, however, I must confess something. While I have been 100% true to my rules pertaining to “no new clothes for a year,” I think that addiction has found another front…


Lots of makeup.

I won’t argue, it’s been somewhat of a relief and outing for me to be so transfixed on something else, but I am either going to have to set up a monthly budget for it in 2014, or just stop buying it altogether and add it to my list of no new purchases. Decisions, decisions. One things for certain…I’ve bought enough to last for a while…you’ll understand better when I do my Christmas haul post.

Happy New Years! I just have to get through tomorrow and then I have two more days off 🙂

Le Sigh…

Oh…hey there…ahem, sorry about dropping off the face of the Earth.

I’ve inevitably hit one of those bloggers blocks that seem to hit every blog at SOME point during the year like the flu. You get so far behind that the thought of a big montage of mashed-together-posts makes the hair on your arm stand up. So, here goes.

Here are some of the outfits I’ve managed to capture during the very busy holiday season:

IMG_5195Halloween/Park Bom (yes…I’m backed up all the way to Halloween):
Winter-floral minidress: Forever 21
Black (p)leather jacket: Target
Golden glitter wedge sneakers: found these via some random seller on (my leap of faith paid off…I really love these sneakers ha)
Red wig: eBay

IMG_5292Celery-green lace-collar cardigan: Forever 21 Exclusive Design
White blouse w/ black trim: Forever 21
Gray pencil skirt: Charlotte Russe
Black Pumps: Target

Point of this outfit: never wore the white blouse before. This outfit is easily a new fave and I will be wearing the blouse again and again!

IMG_5318 IMG_5313Yay awkward selfies! 8)

Taupe/white patterned cardigan: Target
Mint/white vertical striped blouse: Forever 21 (I’m getting really tired of that being the seemingly only thing in my wardrobe)
Brown corduroy pants: Charotte Russe
Mint heels: Macy’s
Mint floral earrings: gift from bestie

Point of the outfit: the mint/white blouse. This is also a new favorite outfit and I’ve worn it again since the picture was taken 🙂

Black cardigan: Maurice’s
Black/white polka-dot blouse: Forever 21
Eggplant skinny pants (difficult to see the color, as always): H&M
Black BCBG booties: DSW

Point of the outfit: the polka dot blouse. I had loved this blouse for a long time, but it’s a little big and I struggled what to wear with it. Another + for outfits to wear again!

IMG_5385 IMG_5386Gray/black/cream striped sweater: Forever 21 (one of my favorite winter pieces!)
Green cords: Forever 21
Beige studded oxfords: Forever 21

Point of the outfit: the oxfords. Geesh I absolutely love these shoes. It was truly a disappointment about how much pain I was in by the end of the workday. They aren’t terribly uncomfortable at first, and I think I even wore hose with them. Regardless, I had blisters on my heels and felt like I had walked over rocks all day. I’m very, very sad that I think I’m going to have to get rid of these. I just don’t think the pain is worth the amount of cute (and that’s a big deal for me!). Sigh…

IMG_5388Salmon-y pink/cream striped point d’espirit sweater: Forever 21 Exclusive Design
Black straight-leg pants: H&M
Gray/taupe boots: Forever 21

Point of this outfit: twofold. One was the sweater (it’s a bit short on me, but is otherwise one of my favorite never-wear pieces, ha). I had this option or wearing it with a gray button-down wool skirt. I think the skirt doesn’t fit me right though, so I opted for the pants. They don’t look quite right with the boots (boots were reason no. 2) because they are more straight-legged pants than skinny. Oh well. Prob will just switch out the boots in the future. They fall in the same ball-park as the oxfords mentioned above…ouch. Not worth it.

IMG_5400Red/blue/cream paisley-print mini-dress: Forever 21
Jean vest: Forever 21
Black fleece-lined leggings: Forever 21
Black BCBG boots: DSW

Point of the outfit: the dress. I knew exactly when I bought this dress what I was going to wear it with. It looked more pinkish than red when I laid eyes on it online. Regardless it’s still pretty flirty and fun. I just never got around to wearing it out. Seemed too short to wear in the summer w/o leggings, and too cold to wear in the winter. I just sucked it up and went out and knocked out my Christmas shopping in this outfit. Love!

IMG_5415Thanks for letting me bore you with my catch-up 😀