Be Mine, Valentine :)

This year’s Valentines Day didn’t start off that great, seeing as how my curling iron broke HALF-way through curling my hair! The spring shot out of the base, causing the barrel to go limp. In my attempt to remedy it, I burned myself twice…fool! Oh well, luckily I had a large barrel iron as a backup that I used to at least provide some volume to the other side

IMG_6366Dress: Target (I got this dress on clearance last year at Target for around $11. What a steal! This isn’t really a piece I had to go out of my way to pair with anything. I actually wear it quite a lot/year-round!)

I forgot to take a picture of yesterday’s outfit, but I put together what I wore on my app. Nothing super special here:

IMG_6372My handsome boyfriend got me flowers for V-day and is making me dinner tonight šŸ™‚ Tomorrow we’re doing a 5k together, which can’t be worse than last month’s race in a foot of snow and sub-zero temps! What are your Valentines plans??

IMG_6374 IMG_6019XO

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