Little Bo Peep and her Ba Ba Black Sheep

My new obsession: this black sheep sweater from Forever 21. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve worn it to work. I’ve worn it out. I’ve taken countless selfies. I’m obsessed.

IMG_6554IMG_6556IMG_6527Toni, Me, Rach & Cassie ^^ We had a girl’s night out last weekend 🙂 We bar-hopped all over, and it made me even more excited for Cassie’s (far right) bachelorette party I’m putting together next month!

The above-mentioned sweater is one of a few things I have been able to pick up this year with my limited clothing-fund (aka…whatever I sell or am gifted). I bought:

  • Black sheep sweater
  • Navy/mint-striped boxy boyfriend cardigan (below)
  • A gold cross-link necklace (also below)
  • Ivory cable-knit tights
  • Ivory cardigan

I used two $20 gift cards and spent $14.83 out of my fund @ Forever 21. I wore the bf cardi today:

IMG_658456715030-02I also picked up this navy quilted jacket from Old Navy in January for @ $28.95 (reg. $55):

zI had a mini H&M haul with some V-day money as well, but I’ll save that for my next post!


5 thoughts on “Little Bo Peep and her Ba Ba Black Sheep

  1. Well, that sweater is super cute! The selfies are well deserved! And whoever helped you pick out that jacket has good taste!

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