Back in the States

Well folks, I’m back! The first post is always the hardest once you’ve been out of your blogging routine for a while, so, I decided to get it over with tonight!

I will be blogging about various aspects of my trip to Montreal as the week progresses, but for tonight–just random stuff.

First off, the only outfit of the day captured last week:

20140409-223051.jpgPurple waffle-knit cardigan: H&M
Gold belt: Forever 21
Pink v-neck tee: Target
Black jeggings: Target
Black pumps: Target
Gold bracelet and earrings: DSW

Next, some furniture-posing:

20140409-223104.jpgRyan (my bf) and I also managed to get some furniture browsing in last week. We are looking for a sectional, but haven’t purchased anything yet. I love this cream-colored tunic from Forever 21, but it’s got that recurring problem I have with so many items in my wardrobe. 1. It’s too short to wear to work, and 2. it looks silly with regular pants. Leggings have their time and place in a professional environment, but it has to be done carefully and comfortably. I wouldn’t be comfortable in this case.

Lastly, spring cleaning has hit my group of girl friends, and my dear friend Toni gave me THREE brand new pairs of jeans from American Eagle! Thanks love!

20140409-223123.jpgThere are two pairs of boot-cut jeans and one pair of skinnies. The skinnies don’t exactly hit her and I (5’2″ and 5’8″, respectively) the same, so the last one will have to be rolled into capris 🙂 But hey, I’ll find a way to make a free pair of jeans work. I brought one of the pairs with me to Montreal and wore it at least half the time while I was there!


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