Dresses for Alison

This weekend was a pretty hectic one: I moved, my best friend moved, my boyfriend moved, I ran a 10k race at some point, and cleaned more nooks and crannies than I ever care to re-imagine. Despite all that, I actually feel pretty good, though there is certainly enough unpacking left to change that.

Moving onto my post. One of my favorite bloggers and a source of inspiration for my blog has laid her blog to rest in the last week. DressesForJulie completed the No-New-Clothes challenge in 2013, and was a constant supply of positive energy and style. Like most other fashion-conscientious people, I was in awe at her ability to exhibit such self-control for such a long period of time. I really believe that following someone who successfully completed the challenge was really a great source of motivation, and I also learned a trick or two (such as the using the Stylebook app) from her.

In a sort of “tribute” to her blog, I have decided to wear my 10 favorite dresses for the next 10 days. Thanks for your wonderful posts, Julie! Your witty sense of humor will be missed 🙂

Day 1:

IMG_7582White/black dress: H&M | Pastel-green lace cardigan: Forever 21 | Pink waist-belt: Forever 21 | Black Flats: Target

Day 2:

IMG_7592Pink dress: Old Navy | Black/white/tan belt: Forever 21 | Black cardigan: Forever 21 | Tan/brown shoes: DSW | Lipstick: Tarte “Watermelon”

IMG_7577Post 10k…looking tired after 6.2 miles on Sunday.


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