Dresses for Alison: Days 3&4

Day 3:

IMG_7605Blue watercolor dress: Old Navy | Black cardi: Forever 21 | Navy heels: DSW

I forgot to take a picture of this dress until I was home last night (still unpacking…).

Day 4:

IMG_7620Salmon-colored chiffon dress: H&M | Cream-cardigan: Forever 21 | Camel-brown braided belt: Forever 21 (part of a different dress) | Camel-brown braided shoes: Aeropostale | Maybelline Color Whisper “Pin Up Peach” lips

This is probably my favorite feminine dress I own. I bought this at H&M in New York last summer. The first time I (accidentally) machine-dried it, I was devastated because the inner lining shrunk up about 3-4 inches. I thought this would make the dress inappropriate for work, so to the back of my wardrobe it went for the last several months. I decided to give it a shot today, and turns out, it covers everything just fine! Tall(ish) girl worries…psh.

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