A Hairy Situation

There are some split ends I need to deal with regarding this blog. My mane reason for this post is so that you don’t weave without knowing the real me. But really, I’ve just been dying to talk about my hair. If I don’t do this now, it may end up a very hairy situation. I just can’t brush this off anymore.

Okay, I’m done, I promise. What’s a good hair post without a couple of really bad puns?!

In all seriousness, I thought it would be fun to show all the different hair styles/colors I’ve had over the past couple years.

IMG_7946Bright (but not platinum) blonde has been my color-of-choice since college. If you stripped away all the dye in my hair, I’m actually a dirty-blonde w/ strawberry undertones. The pattern I seem to have developed over the years is to grow my hair out ridiculously long, and then cut it off into a bob. Both really long hair and bobbed short hair are my favorite styles, though I hate actually growing it out (my current state). I can’t wait to have super long hair again 🙂

In 2011, I made the plunge into the brunette world and I absolutely loved it:

IMG_1780 IMG_1891 IMG_2359If I dye my hair again, it would be a variation of brown. I only really experimented with the dark, dark brown (and it lasted about 9 months) before I made the unfortunate decision to go red…

My before shot:

IMG_2629This is the absolutely gorgeous shade of red I was going for…

IMG_2633…but real life had other ideas about how it would turn out:

IMG_2638This, people, is what we call “hot roots.” The mixture of heat coming out of my head during the dying process and my blonde roots coming through turned the roots fire-engine red, while leaving the rest of my hair the color I was going for (though it’s difficult to tell in almost any picture I have). The day after I dyed it at home, I made an emergency appointment at my salon to fix the roots. They were able to blend them much better, but I just couldn’t afford to keep going back to get my roots touched up. Also, the color just didn’t look as good with my skin tone as I hoped.

IMG_2653I decided the next best idea was to go back to my favorite shade of blonde after a year on “the dark side,” but I knew most of my hair was so damaged I needed to cut it off as well.

Thus started the the longggg journey back to blonde: IMG_2917This (above) particular day I spent 6 hours in the salon. I donated 13 inches of hair to Locks of Love (you can donate dyed, but not bleached, hair), and then she trimmed off another 3-4. My hair was stripped twice, highlighted and dyed to the “lightest” she could get it–a medium sandy brunette. I HATED the color it turned out, especially with the harsh highlights. I shudder even sharing the following pic:

IMG_2838The day after I got back from the salon, I thought taking things into my own hands would work better. Thus, I attempted to dye my hair with a box of blonde, and it ended up pulling the red dye back to the surface. I was SO frustrated, but I liked it better than the ugly two-toned color combo above.

IMG_2855As you can see, it has bits of red, blonde, and brunette. Kinda crazy looking.

I decided to give my hair a short break, and just continue to use blonde dye every 6-8 weeks until it was a color I liked again. It got lighter, but turned more of a strawberry blonde every time I applied the dye.


IMG_3300P1040275After this, I ended up getting more highlights put in my hair, which really pulled a lot of the blonde through.

IMG_3745IMG_3938 IMG_4097Then came the platinum ice-blonde 🙂

IMG_5719And finally, more than 1 year after I cut off my red hair, I am finally back to my normal color, without having to pay for expensive salon visits.

IMG_6671The moral of the story: don’t go red unless you are prepared to have it for a long effing time. If you have naturally dark hair, you’ll probably be able to get it back quicker, though.

My hair in order of favorite colors:
1. Bright golden blonde
2. Platinum ice blonde
3. Dark brunette

The colors I will never do again:
-Dark red/light red

What experience have you had with dying your hair? Let me know in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “A Hairy Situation

  1. I LOVE your hair in the picture where you’re wearing the white shirt. And I LOVE your outfit in the next picture (the red shorts and shirt with red collar)!

  2. I actually loved the brunette the best! Haha – I’ve been thinking about red, but if so, will definitely have it done at a salon and only if I can easily return to brown. I’m currently in the process of growing my hair out after having a pixie cut for 2 years (which I LOVED and will return to someday – but figure I better try for long hair again while I’m still young enough to pull it off).

    I was lucky in that I used to self-dye a platinum stripe in my hair and when I wanted to return to be all natural brunette, the stylist just overdyed the blonde section and it perfectly matched the rest of my hair. Honestly I was amazed that it was so easy – he did a fantastic job and I never had to do anything else – the blonde was gone and that was that – no roots, touch-ups or anything!

    • I go back and forth between brunette and blonde being my fave. Blonde is my everyday, but brunette was my favorite experiment (and I want to go back someday). I am also trying to grow my hair out. I was on my 3rd bob, and now it’s about “medium-length.” If your hair is naturally dark, I’m sure you can pull off red w/ minimal issue. Post pics if you do!

      Thanks for commenting! ❤

  3. Brunette or blonde, you still looked beautiful!
    So weird thing is I just picked up that same shade of red color yesterday. I’ve been dying my hair using boxed dye for a long time and it NEVER comes out the same color. I have extremely stubborn black hair. So it’s a fun game I like to play, what color will my hair be this time? It’s always a fun surprise.

    Anyway, I love this post so much 😛

    • Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment! My best friend uses that shade of red every fall and it always comes out the prettiest color (just like the box). I thought I could mimic that color, but not with my light hair! Haha Post pics when you dye it!

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