Current Raves: Fresh Products

img_0450fresh. Soy Face Cleanser

fresh. Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

I have been planning on writing a review for the face cleanser for weeks now, but it was only a couple days ago that I got the lip treatment as a part of Sephora’s “Sun Safety Kit,” and I am beyond impressed. Therefore, I decided to include it in my favorites post 🙂

Soy Face Cleanser: I had been looking to replace my long-loved Clean & Clear cleanser (to be reviewed in a future post) with something less harsh for a while now. The smell of this soy product took a tiny bit of getting used to at first–it’s a cucumber with something…I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the rosewater. It’s not terrible, just different. The cleanser is a cloudy gel, that glides across the skin like a dream. It lathers just a bit, but removes all my makeup, including eye makeup, with NO burning or stinging. It’s gentle nature doesn’t cause my skin to dry out after washing, either. This cleanser is absolutely wonderful.

Sugar Lip Treatment: I love everything about this lip balm. The first thing I notice is the fresh (no pun intended) lemon scent, which is not too overbearing. Also, I have a hard time with lip balms keeping my lips hydrated and usually prefer chapsticks such as Blistex. However, after one application of this lip treatment, my lips were smooth, hydrated, and still coated up to 3 hours later. It even tastes good if you lick your lips, ha.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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