No Wardrobe Repeats: A Mini Challenge

This week has been so busy! My best friend got married last weekend (pictures to come!) and I started my second grad school term–a semester’s worth of 2 classes crammed into 6 weeks! Yikes. Add lots of work deadlines to that and you get a sucky blogger who doesn’t post much…

I’ve kind of let the purpose of this blog get away from me, so I’ve decided to throw a fun challenge in to get myself back in the game (well, technically I’ve not been “out” of the game, I just haven’t been blogging much about it).

The name of the challenge is “No Wardrobe Repeats,” as cleverly indicated in the post’s title. My goal is to see how many days I can go w/o re-wearing an item as of the 1st day of the challenge (Monday). Shoes and accessories don’t count, bc I’d be out of shoes in a matter of a couple weeks. I really don’t own that many pairs anymore.

Day 1:

IMG_8295Cream-colored lacey floral dress: Charlotte Russe | Brown cardigan: Target | Sandals: Aero

Day 2:

IMG_8331Coral dress: H&M | Gray/beige sweater: H&M | Lace-up oxford heels: DSW

IMG_8332I wasn’t feeling that great today (allergies), sorry for my general sloppiness

Sweater: Victoria’s Secret | Teal skirt: Forever 21 | Black flats: Target

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3 thoughts on “No Wardrobe Repeats: A Mini Challenge

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