OOTD: No Repeat Outfits

This is a teeny bit more complicated than I thought…not because I don’t have anything to wear, but it requires me having to mentally rewind first thing in the morning…

Did I wear that already?
I can’t remember.
I just want to be comfy today.
Dang it, I’ve already worn this!
*pulls out phone to check prior blog posts*

Regardless, it’s still a pretty fun challenge, just need to plan when I’m more alert 🙂 Here are some outfits from this week:


IMG_8452White dress: Delia’s | Teal cardi: Charlotte Russe | Nude heels: DSW

Tuesday (yesterday):

IMG_8456Black cardi: Target? | Purple floral-dress: Old Navy | Black flats: Target

IMG_8462 IMG_8466I went straight out after work last night to celebrate our good friend Rachel’s departure to med school. She’s off to be a doctor and stuff 😛 Tequila and beer? Yes, please!

Wednesday (today)

IMG_8470(Sorry for the blurriness & the sad-attempt at a fishtail braid…I think my hair needs to grow out more before I can pull off that look)

Cardi: Target | Mint/cream striped top: Forever 21 | Brown dress pants: Target | Mint heels: Macy’s

Happy Hump Day! XO

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