Weddings Pt. 1: Summer Wedding Prep!

I thought summer would be a perfect opportunity to do a mini wedding-series. As mentioned in a couple previous posts, my best friend got married on June 21st 🙂 I will post a bunch of pictures of her big day in Part 2!

We all have our fair share of weddings we attend, especially during the summertime. At one point in college, I was in 3/4 weddings I attended in one summer:

Tip #1: Skip the tanning bed. I wish I had that summer in college ^^ Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (~$9) is all you need. I’ve seen my share of tanning beds and lotions, but it’s taken me until last year to finally accept and love my naturally pale skin: “fair,” as the beauty world describes it. I burn easily and tan rarely.

IMG_1221I am finally comfortable in my own skin (as everyone should be!), but this lotion gives me a “just-back-from-a-weekend-at-the-beach” glow. As with all tanning lotions, proper application is key. I put on 2 applications, 3 days apart, the week of the wedding. The best time to apply is after you have dried off from a fresh shower, taking particular care around the elbows and knees. The skin will be dried out and ready to absorb the moisturizer, so it shouldn’t run or create the dreaded “orange-streak.” Thorough hand-washing is an absolute must once finished. I let the moisturizer set for about 15 minutes before dressing. The scent is also quite lovely (this has been an improvement over the years).

Tip #2: Need to brighten that smile? Crest 3D Whitestrips in Glamorous White($54.99) have you covered. The case comes with 14 upper and 14 lower strips. I have pretty sensitive teeth, but these are the least uncomfortable strips I have tried. I use them every other day about 2-3 weeks leading up to the wedding, usually only utilizing about 7 upper and 7 lower in total. I save the rest for the next occasion. I always notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth, and they are enamel safe! If you can snag these at Ulta w/ one of their 20% off coupons like I did, you only have to pay $43.99 (a savings of $11!)

IMG_1225Tip #3: Get a mani/pedi! It may be someone else’s big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. After all, you’re going to be standing/dancing a lot, you deserve it! 🙂

nailsI typically always end up with an acrylic French Manicure when I’m in a wedding. I don’t take good enough care of my nails to get anything that’s not semi-permanently affixed to them. They are timeless, super low-maintenance, and they LAST. You can keep getting them buffed and refilled, but I usually just let them grow out for 2-3 weeks and then remove them with some variation of screaming and acetone 🙂

IMG_8270Three weeks ago was the first pedicure I’ve ever had. I have been terrified of someone messing with my feet, but took the plunge. Damn. It was worth every second. What have I been missing out on? The massage-chair alone was worth it! I got a gel pedicure and it has been 3 weeks, and it is just starting to chip. And I am not nice to my feet. I can’t believe how long it has lasted…

IMG_8271IMG_8274(Pardon the grotesque picture of my feet. This was the only pic I took after my pedi and I had all my weight leaning on my little sausage toes to get the shot…)

Tip #4: Do an at-home facial (and save some $!). I have a lot of different samples from Sephora (it’s never a good idea to switch up your beauty routine the day of a big event…you never know how your skin will react), and I’ve discovered a love for GlamGlow. GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment retails for ~$70, which I just can’t justify spending on one product. However, I have several sample packets of it and I really enjoy using it! You can apply it all over your face, but I have dry skin, so I just use it on my nose to clear up my pores.

IMG_8148When applying, it’s a thick and gunky dark gray paste, which dries into a hardened light gray finish. The oily spots will absorb the mud, so you’ll get dark spots wherever you have enlarged or oily pores. It’s kind of really cool and disgusting at the same time (Google search it!). However, it is a pore-shrinking miracle. My pores are virtually invisible when I rinse off the mask, and that lasts for more than a week before I can even see the smallest pore again.

Tip #5: If you are in the wedding, see what the bride is willing to negotiate with. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum: I’ve had to buy a $193 black dress for the bride’s big day, and I’ve been in a wedding where the bride paid for my dress. I would never ask the bride to pay for the dress (as they are likely already shelling out $1,000’s for the wedding), but often times they will let you wear whatever shoes you want, so long as they fall in a certain color family (silver, black, nude, etc.). Remember to be polite, but if you can’t afford to pay for a $150 dress and a custom spray-painted pair of shoes, speak up. You’re loved enough to be in the wedding, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank as a condition.

Most friends will understand, but if they don’t, don’t be afraid to politely decline their invitation.

Tip #6: Customize your gift! This is the fun part. Most registry items will be purchased by the date of the wedding, so don’t forget to plan in advance. I like to do a little half and half–half something from their registry and half something personalized. When my best friend got married three weeks ago, I wanted to get her something that would associate memories of our time living together. While Cassie was the primary cook of our apartment, I adored baking. I’m much better at making cookies than I am at a home-made meal.

IMG_8472For her and her husband’s gift, I got them a bunch of baking supplies off their registry, and then went out and bought some baking staples: flour, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and granulated sugar. I organized them all in a craft-crate I bought from Michael’s, that can also be used as a storage tool for long-term veggies like potatoes and onions. The gingham print ribbon in their wedding colors was icing on the cake 😉 Make it fun!

I hope these tips have helped you gain some ideas on looking your best, feeling your best, and being prepared. What other suggestions would you make? What are some memories you’ve had of being in a wedding?

Comment below! XO

4 thoughts on “Weddings Pt. 1: Summer Wedding Prep!

  1. Also LOVE the Glam Glow super mud! I use it approx. twice/week and it makes a huge difference. I scoffed at the price tag initially but after using several samples, I decided I had to have it. I’ve been using my little pot since February and it’s not even half gone. So, I would guess that $70 will translate to using it twice weekly for roughly a year. (Also apply to the nose area only, like your photo).

    • That’s pretty impressive! I’ve read some bloggers who go through it in a month or two…I guess it’d go quicker if we used it on the entire face. It’s too precious to waste! 🙂 Thanks for commenting

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