Weddings Pt. 2: My Best Friend’s Wedding

I was lucky enough to serve as the Maid-of-Honor when my best friend, Cassandra, tied the knot on June 21st. I could really go hours and hours about how important she is to me, and how we’ve known each other for 12 years, and how weepy I was during my MoH speech, but instead, I’ll just spam you with pictures 🙂 Most of these pictures were taken on my Canon by my very wonderful friend, David.

IMG_0811 IMG_0845The rehearsal dinner was at the groom’s parents’ home. His very sweet mother prepared an awesome assortment of fruits, veggies, burgers (even veggie burgers for me!), salads, pasta/potato salads, chips, desserts, etc. It was very laid back, just like the couple. They both share a love for baseball, and actually got engaged at a baseball game. You’ll see a lot of baseball-esque items/references throughout.

At the end of the dinner they presented gifts to the wedding party:

  • special brooches for the mothers and grandmothers to wear on the wedding day
  • personalized flask sets in a cigar box with the groomsmen’s initials for the guys
  • chocolate-dipped bottles of champagne w/ custom brooches and vintage scarves for the bridesmaids
  • a baseball w/ the ring bearer’s initials for him & baskets/headbands/jewelry sets for the 2 flower girls

Cassie surprised me at the end of the dinner w/ a special gift for helping her w/ the wedding planning process (bc duh, what kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t help?!): a set of real pink pearl earrings and a matching necklace. I was shocked and ecstatic, because pink pearls are my favorite!

IMG_0829 IMG_0834 IMG_0840bThe night before the wedding, 3/4 of the bridesmaids stayed with the bride. We talked about everything under the sun–dating memories, first kisses, etc etc. I’d also be lying if I said we didn’t polish off all 3 of our bottles of our champagne 🙂 Add some sparklers to that, and we had a wonderful time celebrating our friend’s soon-to-be marriage.

IMG_8283The morning of the wedding we got up early, picked up Panera for everyone, and began setting up for the ceremony/reception. It was an outdoor ceremony w/ a reception inside the adjacent party barn. I couldn’t have decorated it better myself. Cassie got a ton of vintage tins from her grandmother, mason jars, citronella candles, carnations, baby’s breath, tulle and burlap. It all came together beautifully. We then started getting ready, took some preliminary pictures, had a toast among the girls, and then the ceremony commenced:

After the ceremony, we took a few more photos (now that the bride and groom could finally see each other!) and made our entrance to the reception.

IMG_1122Isn’t she gorgeous? 🙂

IMG_1077 IMG_1044The reception:

I didn’t want to take credit for the photographer’s photos, so you will see his watermark on his photos. Somehow I managed to catch the bouquet, even though I wasn’t going to try and Cassie didn’t throw it in anywhere near my direction. I just stuck my arm out…tall-people perks 😀

I’m so blessed to have been a part of their special day. I love you, Cassie!

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