Liebster Award + Fashionista Award

Hello everyone! My goodness, I’ve been nominated for my very first 2 awards in the last week: The Liebster Award and The Fashionista Award.

liebster-awardI was nominated for the Liebster Award by the very beautiful and chic HUIMINXOXO. Thanks love! 🙂 The requirements for this award include:

  • Each nominee must link back to the person who nominated them
  • Answer 11 questions given to you by the nominator
  • Nominate 11 (I just picked my top 3) other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers, but you can’t nominate the person who picked you
  • Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

Questions for me:

1. Name three things you love about yourself.

1. At any point in time, I can break out into 15 full or partial K-pop dances.
2. If someone asks me to keep a secret, I will not tell it. To anyone.
3. Although I absolutely hate it, I’m really good at giving speeches or interviewing.

2. How do you decide your outfits?

My outfits choose me…jk. Well currently, I am picking my outfit based on what I haven’t worn in the last few weeks. I’m trying to wear as many items as I can before I repeat any of them. This mini-challenge started on July 23rd and so far I’m 100% successful!

3. If there is one thing you could tell your younger self from five years ago, what would it be?

“You deserve better.” Enough said.

4. Ice cream or cake?

Cake…I think. I have to be in the mood for ice-cream, but I can always eat anything bread-y, and I love cupcakes!

5. What are some of your favorite brands?

H&M, Cynthia Rowley (I only own her makeup 😥 but she’s got the most lovely accessories), VS Pink. Being unable to buy new clothes for the last year has really taken its toll on some of my cheaper clothes. This has made me fall out of love with brands like Forever 21, and want to invest in better quality items.

6. Describe yourself in 140 words (or less).

My name is Ali and I am a 25 year old CPA living in Ohio, USA. I am obsessed with corgis, k-pop, fashion, makeup, dancing, subscription boxes, Lana Del Rey, making lists, wearing heels, vegetarianism, running, beer, playing anything to do w/ the Mario Bros., traveling, fall, birthdays, nautical things, shopping, Sailor Moon, sunflowers, trying new things, pasta, financial news, etc.

I have a 4 month old corgi named Yoshi, a boyfriend of 2+ years named Ryan, a best friend named Cassie, my best man friend Dave, and many more important people who won’t fit into the 140 characters provided!

7. If you could only travel to 3 countries, each for a month, where would you go?

France, Japan, U.K., South Korea (I couldn’t pick just 3! 4 is hard enough…)

8. What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten?

I had escargot (snails) on a French field trip in high school…I tried it for the experience and it was just as disgusting as I thought it would be. It crunched, and then slid all the way down…

9. What is your favorite holiday?

Probably Thanksgiving. Something about the Macy’s Day Parade, eating an obscene amount of food, and finding great deals online (start of Christmas shopping) is just too good. Christmas always goes too fast…Thanksgiving always feels like it lasts the whole 4-day weekend.

10. Why did you start blogging?

I started this blog, partly as a creative outlet, but mostly because I knew my shopping habits needed a wake-up call. I thought that if I tried to give up shopping for a year (only 2 month left!), I wouldn’t be successful unless I put it in print. I needed something to keep me honest and track my progress. It has really exceeded my expectations and the amount of love and support you guys provide keeps me going 🙂

11. How do you find new blogs to follow?

I have certain tags I follow on WordPress: “fashion” (you meet all kinds of different people!), “bbloggers,” and “fashion challenge” just to name a few. Also, if people comment, I like to check out their blog.

My 3 nominees:

  1. MissLivvLoves – I look forward to every post by this muse. She truly looks on the brighter side of things, and always has words of positivity, encouragement, and also has a wardrobe full of the prettiest items! Go check out her blog!
  2. UrbanNesting – Kelsey’s blog specializes in design, DIY, food, you name it! She’s also a fellow runner and I enjoy reading about her training 🙂
  3. AnchorTales – This up-and-coming blogger dabbles in a little bit of everything! Crafting, beauty, and the struggles of being a Navy girlfriend are just the surface of some of the topics she covers. Don’t expect her to post in the next week though, as a little Instagram post told me her beau is in town 🙂

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What’s something that you are proud of accomplishing?
  2. If you travel to one place, where would it be?
  3. Who is a hero in your life?
  4. Why did you start blogging?
  5. Nail polish or lipstick?
  6. What is the best food you have ever eaten?
  7. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
  8. Cats or dogs?
  9. What is your favorite store and what do you buy when you go there?
  10. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
  11. How do you spend your free time?

20140625-095012-35412972I was nominated for the Fashionista Award by the beauty behind A Vibrant Day. Thanks dear! The rules behind this award are:

  • Reference the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer 10 questions asked of you by the nominator
  • Link back to the award creator and nominate 10 others (I picked 3) for the award
  • Inform the 10 nominees and have them comment on the creator’s page to enter to win the award (this is kind of optional in my opinion) awarded monthly by votes
  • Give 10 questions for your nominees to answer

Questions for me:

1. What motivated you to start blogging?

See above answer to #10 ^^

2. What is your favorite movie(s)?

Crash, Sleeping Beauty, and Never Been Kissed (the only chick-flick I really like)

3. What is your dream career?

To open my own pet-store. I’d love to have a nonprofit mix between a shelter on one side, and then a store where they can buy goodies for the pups, get them groomed, take classes, etc. on the other side.

4. Top wish list items at the moment?

Coming soon. I have created a drool-worthy (at least to me!) birthday wish list I’ll post in the next few days

5. Favorite television shows?

Breaking Bad, Archer, Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Gossip Girl, Big Brother, Sailor Moon. I used to not watch a lot of TV. Then Netflix happened…

6. What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Target. They have everything. Or, if online retailers count. They have everything, but really this time.

7. Favorite fashion designers?

I don’t follow the modern trends as much as I used to. I’d name a lot of famous designers, but it’d be lie since I have no clue what their collections look like at the moment. I do like Cynthia Rowley’s watches & sunglasses though.

8. Describe your dream vacation?

All-inclusive. White sand. Clear water. Alcohol.

9. What are the goals for your blog?

To have a $0 new purchases balance as of September 6, 2014. I’m a bit in the negative right now as I haven’t sold as much as I’ve bought (by about $40) 😦

10. If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

This is a tough one. Probably a k-pop star. They work SO hard and their beauty is unmatched.

My 3 nominees:

  1. HUIMINXOXO – this gorgeous girl mostly blogs about fashion (my fave!), with OOTD posts showcasing her feminine style. She also blogs about her traveling adventures and food, yum! She also nominated me for the above Liebster Award 🙂 Go give her blog the lovin’ it deserves!
  2. For Vanity’s Sake – where do I even start with this girl? Jules is one of the first bloggers I started following religiously. She covers everything beauty and fashion-related, hosts giveaways, showcases the most brilliant accessories and eye-makeup, and interacts with all her followers. Go check her blog out!
  3. LayeredIndulgence – this blogger actually found me! I’ve seen her pull off a variety of styles: edgy, modern, feminine, festival, she’s definitely not afraid to try new things! Make sure to go tell her hello!

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What is the one piece of clothing you own that you cannot live without?
  2. What’s in your beauty bag right now?
  3. This one may be difficult–what’s your favorite look you’ve done on your blog? Make sure to share a link so we can see it 🙂
  4. How would you define your style?
  5. Shiny or matte?
  6. Top 5 items (fashion or beauty) on your wishlist right now?
  7. Why did you start blogging?
  8. I can’t live without my…
  9. On the weekends, you can frequently be spotted…
  10. What is your favorite physical store to shop in for fashion pieces?

If you have read through this entire wordy-post, good for you! You deserve your own award for your patience and resolve!

XOXO and thank you for helping my blog grow 🙂

10 thoughts on “Liebster Award + Fashionista Award

  1. Hmm, maybe I should move to France, I actually liked snails when I tried them. 😛 Oh and Sailor Moon? Heck yeah!

    Btw, thanks for the award!!

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination! I actually did read your whole post haha, I love it 🙂 Totally agree with Thanksgiving, my favourite by FARRRR. So much turkey and pumpkin pie and always the perfect sweater weather ❤

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