The B List: Things I Want

The "B" List: Things I Want

Basically…shoes. Haha This list was incredibly difficult to put together, as I found more and more items I want (but probably don’t really need…)


-Pink cardigan
-New sweatpants
-Tropical mini-skirt
-Tweed blazer in a pretty pastel color, or gray-White blazer or blazer w/ moto-zipper detailing
-Pink maxi skirt
-Floral/lacey dresses (all of them!)


-Black flats/loafers with some detailing at the toes
-Huarache sandals-Yellow flats or heels
-Gray heels
-Floral loafers
-White wedge sneakers
-Burgundy booties, cutout or not


-Sunglasses (Warby Parker or Cynthia Rowley; though these pink Toms are cute too)
-Polka dot/stocking tights-Earrings w/ a pop of color or fun shapes
-Patterned hair ties
-Summer scarves (lots of them!)
-Floppy beach hat
-These awesome corgi socks (bc corgis, duh)

Happy Weekend! XO

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