Weekend Review + No Outfit Repeats Challenge

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I actually don’t even mind that it’s Tuesday. I had to work yesterday and today, then Ryan and I are going to Kentucky for the remainder of the week/week-end for a little getaway ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m done with school for the summer, so we rented a pet-friendly cabin near some National Parks, and will be gone from Wednesday-Sunday! You may not hear from me for a few days, though I’ll try to post some pictures through my Instagram if you care to follow along!

This past weekend was pretty eventful as well. I met up with a bunch of co-workers for a girls night out Friday after work and got schmammered, ha ๐Ÿ˜€

Saturday we met some friends in the Eastern part of the state for some four-wheeling, a bonfire, and plenty more eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends! Yoshi even got to tag along and met a new friend, Brutus, our friends’ 8-week old golden retriever.

puppiesIMG_8927 IMG_8942 Now onto the final outfits of my no-outfit repeats challenge. I lasted from June 23 through August 8 (that’s 47 days!) without repeating any clothes, other than shoes and accessories. That’s probably a sign I still have too many clothes. I did go through my closet last week and nix about 20-30 more items though! I’ve got to fill in that $81 gap I owe for spending more than I’ve made selling clothes :/

I’ve decided moving forward I am going to continue with the goal of the challenge (finding out what I wear/don’t wear) by continuing to wear one item I haven’t worn yet each day since the beginning of the challenge.

I’m sorry I’ve been so lazy that I haven’t taken many pics in my outfits. But at least I’ve been keeping track of them in my app.

IMG_8975Pastel green cardi w/ lace collar: Forever 21 | Contrast-trim white blouse: Forever 21 | Grey skirt: Charlotte Russe | Black pumps: Target

IMG_8976Polka dot sweater: Forever 21 | Beige dress pants: NY&Co. | Black flats: Target

IMG_8977Red/black floral dress: Target | Black pumps: Target

IMG_8978(I was sad I didn’t get an actual picture in this outfit, so I added the accessories to show) Yellow dress: Forever 21 | Striped belt: Forever 21 | Braided sandals: Aero | Crescent hoops: Forever 21

IMG_8979IMG_8881Mint-colored scalloped lace top: Forever 21 | Black tank: Old Navy | Shorts: Pac Sun | Shoes: Sperry’s

IMG_8980Blue blazer: Forever 21 | Tropical green top: NY&Co. | Khaki skinnies: H&M | Loafers: DSW

IMG_8981 IMG_8909Bird-print blouse: Forever 21 | Black skirt: Forever 21 | Black lace-up booties: DSW

IMG_8982Yellow dress (w/ matching navy belt, not shown): Forever 21 | Blue leggings: Unknown | Loafers: DSW

IMG_8983Bejeweled-collar dress: Forever 21 | Black blazer: Charlotte Russe | Black pumps: Target

IMG_8986Burgundy sweater: H&M | Pink/gold polka-dot blouse: Forever 21 | Skinny black jeans: Target | Laser-cut beige flats: Old Navy

IMG_8987Plaid button down cotton top: Aero | Shorts: Pac Sun (my first repeated item) | Rib-cage tank: H&M | Shoes: Sperry’s

IMG_8962Blue/white striped top: Victoria’s Secret | Jean capris: American Eagle | Button down plaid top: Forever 21 | Shoes: Adidas Boost (we walked to dinner from our apt)

IMG_8992Beige/cream striped top: Old Navy | Taupe skirt: H&M | Pink belt: Forever 21 | Beige heels: DSW

IMG_9001Blue sweater: H&M | Blue/white striped blouse: Forever 21 | Black skinnies: H&M | Leopard-print flats: Target | Leopard-print belt: Forever 21

I’m getting sick of all these old-fashioned pumps and loafers (basically, the only shoes that have lasted throughout the challenge) and how I own so many cheap Forever 21 items. I’m ready to step it up in some pretty new heels and loafers with details in the toes and some quality pieces of clothing that will last more than one season! C’mon September 6th!

I’m hoping this vacation brings me some new energy. I can’t wait to share my experiences when I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚

See y’all next week ๐Ÿ˜›


6 thoughts on “Weekend Review + No Outfit Repeats Challenge

  1. Hello, hello! I just nominated you for ‘A Lovely Blog Award.’ Please don’t feel obligated to do a follow-up post if you’re not up to it, but hopefully you’ll get some foot traffic to your blog from my post. Take care, and I hope your trip was fun. Jacqueline

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