My First Triathlon

What a crazy, quick, long, dirty, fun weekend it was! πŸ˜€ I wanted to get a quick post in on my first every triathlon I completed on Sunday (the 31st)! I have a lot more about the weekend that I plan on posting about later, including pictures from my birthday and some of the awesome things I received from my beloved friends and family!

sbr-3The race was called “The Great Buckeye Challenge” and since it was my first triathlon, I completed the shortest race they offered, the mini triathlon (mini, sprint, olympic, and half-ironman). It consisted of a short 250 yard swim, a 7 mile bike, and a 2 mile run, so nothing super crazy. I completed it in 1:06:57, which made me super happy considering I was planning for 1:15-1:30!

– 09:38 for the swim
– 04:36 for the 1st transition (I wasted too much time drying my feet off even though it was pouring down rain!)- 31:45 for the bike
– 01:26 for the 2nd transition
– 19:29 for the run

buck-creek-park1I wish it had been as nice out as the stock picture of the reservoir above, but it was absolutely pouring down rain the entire time leading up to the run portion. The rain left me bitter cold, and my knees/lips were blue and my hands were white/translucent by the time I started. Luckily, I warmed up right away as soon as I got moving in the water.

My bestie and her hubs came out and cheered me on as I was crossing the finish line. They managed to get a couple shots of both me (mini tri) and Ryan (sprint tri) as we were on the last leg of the race.

IMG_9291 IMG_9290My tank was soaking wet and stretched out tremendously during the run (I swear I’m wearing shorts! lol). I’m hoping the race website uploads some pics of the swim and bike portion too.

Look forward to my posts this week! I have a lot of them coming!


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