My Year Without Clothes Shopping Part 1: The Raw Data

(I apologize in advance for my lengthy post. A lot has happened in one year!)

cropped-sunflower-2-e1347318486812-copy.jpgWell, my year is just about up. At midnight tonight, I will have completed one year without clothes shopping…crazy. I am going to try to crank out a few posts in this multi-part series (I have yet to decide how many parts), so my normal posts will either be on hiatus, or scattered throughout. I would like to start this collective series on how well I followed my rules. Let’s see how well I did versus the rules I established on Day 1:

1. No new clothes for 365 days.

2. Definition of clothes: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, jewelry, purses, belts, sunglasses, scarves, underwear, bras, socks, basics, etc.

I came into this challenge with something like 30 bras and 120 pairs of underwear…so there was so shortage there. Ha

3. Makeup & hair-dye do not count. No new perfume.

Whoops, I failed on the perfume rule here. To be quite honest, I forgot about it. But I didn’t go overboard. I bought Bath & Body Works
Red in the fall and Versace’s Bright Crystal this spring. I also received about a billion perfume samples from various beauty hauls and subscription boxes.

4. Workout clothes do not count, assuming they cannot be used as normal clothing.

I had one workout clothing haul totaling ~$100 (true workout clothes–ASICS, New Balance, Nike, tanks, running shorts, running socks, etc.) and a new pair of running shoes totaling ~$150. I don’t regret these purchases since this is the first time I have bought workout stuff in about 3-4 years, and I’ve done 2 half marathons and countless other races since then.

5. I need one new winter coat this year. I am budgeting $120 for this.

Untitled-1Delia’s moto-detailed winter jacket:Β  $81.15

6. Any money made from selling clothes will be put in a jar to use at my discretion (a necklace, a pair of flats, a pack of socks) with a $20 start. This will allow me to replace the essentials should the need arise. Any purchases will be documented.

Believe it or not, I made $234.10 selling clothes (80+ items), and spent ALL of it.

7. I can accept clothing as a gift, or gift cards to be used for clothing. I cannot use cash gifts for clothing.

I received a $20 Target card, 2-$20 Forever 21 gift cards for Christmas, and a $50 gift card to H&M for Valentine’s Day (thanks babe!)

8. I can borrow clothes from friends and vice versa.

9. Bridesmaid-related items do not count. Nor do costume items, at a minimum.

IMG_9206Red multi-way bridesmaid dress: $40 | One-wink earrings: $12.50 | Beige strappy heels: $35.13 | Pearls: $0 (gift from the bride)

Wardrobe Updates During the Challenge

As indicated in numbers 6&7 above, I was able to use gift cards and any cash made selling clothes to buy clothes. I think this little bit of flexibility was key to my ability to continue this challenge. The following were additions to my wardrobe between September 6, 2013 – September 5, 2014 (including their portion of tax):

IMG_9191Forever 21

Beige cable-knit sweater: $8.49 | Black knife-pleated maxi skirt: $6.09

Total: $14.58

IMG_9192Old Navy

Pink/taupe striped sweater: $16.01 | Navy sunburst earrings: $1.07

Total: $17.08


Silver ball necklace: $21.44 (less $20 Target gift card)

Total: $1.44

IMG_9194Old Navy

Blue quilted jacket: $28.95

Total: $28.95


Navy blue dress pants: 28.52

Total: $28.52

IMG_9196Forever 21

Black-sheep sweater: $15.69 | Cream-colored gold-flower button cardigan: $19.02 | Navy/mint striped boyfriend sweater: $12.70 | White polka dot tights: $3.71 | Pink polka dot tights: $3.71 (less $40 in gift cards)

Total: $14.83


Red cardigan: $7.87 | Black floral lace tee: $9.08 | Taupe skirt: $34.09 (less $50 gift card)

Total: $1.04


Navy Tommy Hilfiger cardigan: $63.00

Total: $63.00


Black dress for bachelorette party: $24.13


Gold jewelry for bachelorette party: $7.37

Total: $31.15

IMG_9200Reitman’s (Montreal)

Mint-green sweater: $37.70 | Gray jeggings: $27.23 | Floral necklace: $16.75

Total: $81.68

Wardrobe Stats Summary

Beginning Sold/Donated Purchased End
Tops 191 -45 10 156
Bottoms 83 -11 6 78
Shoes 49 -13 4 40
Dresses 57 -11 2 48
Outerwear 16 0 6 22
$234.10 ($288.81) ($54.71)

As you can see, despite my best efforts to sell sell sell, I ended up in the hole after my Montreal mini-haul in March. That was the purchase that set me over, and I was only able to recoup about $30 since then.

There were also some other discretionary additions that I don’t count towards my challenge: IMG_9202Macy’s/DSW

3 piece suit: $200+ | Calvin Klein tank: $31.83 | Beige bow-heels, blue loafers, and blue heels: $144.43

I was informed in February that I would be attending a trade show in New Orleans in the Spring, and that I needed to wear a suit on the floor. If you’ve ever been the the NOLA Convention Center before, you know how enormous it is, and that there would be lots of standing/walking throughout the two full-days spent there. I got a new pair of heels (all my old heels are scuffed) for each of the two days/outfits and a pair of loafers for when I would have to walk.

IMG_9207Montreal jacket: $26.31 | 2 pair of American Eagle jeans: Free

Upon landing in Montreal, I realized I never packet a jacket/coat! It was April, so it was still in the 40’s when we got there, and I was freezing. I went into a shop across from our hotel and bought the first one I found in my size. I do like it though, and I still wear it about once a week despite the “Montreal” logo on it, ha.

I think this post on all of the raw data for the past year has been long enough. Please look forward to my opinions on how well/poor I think I did in Part 2!


18 thoughts on “My Year Without Clothes Shopping Part 1: The Raw Data

  1. Great post! You’ve presented it all in such an interesting way. And, again, what a great idea! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feelings about committing to and finishing this challenge :o)

  2. I enjoy all of the details! In fact, I think I will take a closet inventory of my own so I can track my progress over the next couple of years and make goals for x number of tops, x number of jeans, etc.

    (Also – I had to laugh about your Montreal jacket purchase because I have made that same mistake soooooooo many time! πŸ™‚ Not always jackets, but often outerwear slips my mind. Especially when traveling across climates).

    • I recommend the “Stylebook” app (I think it’s about $3-4)! It’s a long, but really fun project to inventory all your clothes. It’s got a picture taking portion and you can edit out the background. Then you can create “looks” with multiple items (sort of like Polyvore), calendar your outfits to see what you wear the most, least, etc. It was really helpful at the beginning of my challenge to focus my efforts into logging what I already have, versus looking at all the stuff online that I couldn’t have….haha

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  4. AWESOME stats! Wow that’s amazing and I’m so impressed at how meticulously you kept track of everything. I might have to do an inventory like this next year. Does the app mentioned above allow you to put in the purchase price, etc. of everything to help you keep track? That would be really handy and easy.

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

    • Yes! You can input the purchase price and it’ll tell you average $/wear, etc. etc. You should get it! It’s wonderful πŸ™‚ And it wasn’t hard to keep track since I pretty much channeled all my old shopping energy that was on hold, haha XO

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