My Year Without Clothes Shopping Part 2: Opinions & Honesty

See “My Year Without Clothes Shopping Part 1” Here

Despite spending $54.71 more than I sold, I don’t consider that I failed my challenge. I knew that my last purchase was going to put me over, but I thought I could recoup the amount from selling more clothes. Knowing I was over, however, kept me from buying a single item for the remaining 5 months of my challenge!

 What I did learn, was that I potentially saved $4,000+ dollars between September 6, 2013 – September 5, 2014. The graphs below represent my spending pattern between the two years.

September 6, 2012-September 5, 2013

2012-2013September 6, 2013-September 5, 2014


-This report was run from my account, which tracks spending habits over time.
-The category I ran was my  general “Shopping” expenditures for the two years.
-I accounted for and removed similar purchase categories for Books, Electronics, Hobbies, Costumes, etc.
-The “Clothing-Other” category represents clothing items that were exempt from my challenge (such as my suit and bridesmaids items), while the “Clothing” category represents all clothing purchased from the first year and clothing purchased during my challenge year with “selling” money (though no “selling” income is accounted for on the graph).

Maybe now will be a good time to talk about the elephant in the room: beauty expenditures. Where one vice is corrected, a new vice began. A year ago I could simply not understand why people would buy expensive beauty products when there are perfectly good drug store products to choose from. A year later, I’m over a thousand dollars invested in products that I still don’t quite understand.

I am not saying that beauty products aren’t worth the hype or the price tag (in some cases), but I would be a fool to say that I didn’t turn one addiction into another. The fact is, I have so. many. new. products. and. samples. And yet, I keep accumulating more! I think my next goal is going to be to inventory my makeup, try to clear out some of the garbage, and utilize the golden products. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of products hauls, but lacking in the actual reviews and FOTD’s. I could do (and actually plan on) another giveaway or two just before the year is up with all the sealed, new products I’ve accumulated but not yet tried!

Cosmetics aside, I am actually very proud of myself for getting through this year. If you would have told me 18 months ago that I would attempt such an endeavor, I would have laughed in your face. But the days leading up to my decision were wracked with guilt, anxiety, and bills. I just couldn’t stop myself from the sales and the sense of “newness,” despite my evolving style. I could not have completed this challenge without the following:

  • This blog. This blog has introduced me to the most wonderful people from all over the world, and has kept me accountable to my goal. If I didn’t have others checking up on me, I would have failed within the first 3 months of the challenge.
  • Dresses for Julie” – though her blog has been put to rest and she wrapped up her challenge in 2013, it was really nice being able to follow along as she completed the same challenge. It kept my vigor renewed and offered many ideas for completing the challenge, and completing it well. Not to mention, she introduced me to…
  • The “Stylebook” app (I am not paid or asked to promote this app at all). This app is legit. For $3-$4, I was able to take an inventory of my entire closet. It has features that let you crop out the background so you can lay your outfits out together on the screen. Also, you can create looks, search for inspiration, and get a lot of stats (such as most worn, least worn, and average cost/wear) that nerds like me just can’t get enough of. I’m an accountant after all!
  • Most importantly: your support. Support came from the most unexpected sources, and kept me excited and motivated about what I was doing. I only hope that through these embarrassing revelations and honesty about my “addiction,” I can inspire others to go out and do the same, whether it’s clothes, food, cosmetics, anything! Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Bloglovin’, etc. all have great families of beauty and fashion bloggers that live to answer your questions and offer advice! Seriously, you guys are the best

Stay tuned for Part 3 including what I have learned about style and wardrobe planning!

XO Ali


12 thoughts on “My Year Without Clothes Shopping Part 2: Opinions & Honesty

  1. Big congrats!! $4K is a staggering figure. Based on your summary, I am thinking about getting a account for myself. I’m sure it would be a sobering report.

    • Yes, 4k was only an estimate, it could have been far worse! But not only did I save in money, but I learned what I really wanted in a wardrobe, and didn’t just buy buy buy because I could. is free, you should totally sign up! They also have some neat budgeting tools 🙂

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