Post-Challenge Clothing Hauls

It’s time for that post I was once excited about and now dreading, lol. I bought a lot in the last month…almost nothing in the beginning or end, but a lot in the middle :/ Regardless, I promised to share my post-no-new-clothes-for-a-year shopping haul! And even though I know I went overboard…it’s kind of a nice feeling finally having new stuff!

Gray/pink/yellow dress: Target
Black/purple abstract dress: Target
Blue/yellow striped dress: H&M
Gray/pink floral dress: Target
Navy floral dress: Target

Gray over-sized sweater: H&M
Navy over-sized sweater w/ leather arm detailing: H&M
Olive green military-style jacket: Forever 21
Royal blue sweater pullover sweater: Target

IMG_9827Magenta open sweater: Target
Gray/white patterned cardigan: Target
Southwestern long-open cardigan: ModCloth
Dark gray cardigan: TargetYellow cardigan (finally!): Target

IMG_9828Floral kimono-style cardigan: Target
White/blue polka-dot blouse: Target
Pink top: H&M
Corgi-print blouse: ModCloth
Navy floral belted-blouse: Target

Rhinestone blush-colored flats: Target
White jeggings: Target
Gingham print bodycon skirt: H&M
Navy skirt: Target
Pink flats: Target
Pink gingham shorts: H&M
Pink cutout oxfords: ModCloth

Black & white striped purse: Target
Navy perforated purse: Target
Green purse: Target
Burgundy purse: TargetIvory purse: Forever 21
Yellow/nude Ivanka Trump purse: DSW

IMG_9831Mint scarf: Target
White scarf: Target
Sunglasses: Target
Red floral necklace: Target
Navy/multicolored scarf: Target

As you can see, most of my new clothes are from Target: it’s local, affordable, and I have a RedCard getting me another 5% off! I had two massive hauls from there during their BOGO 50% off, and had another small trip or two in between. I also won a $50 Target gift card from a work conference I attended šŸ™‚ I went a little crazy on making up for all the purses that were destroyed during the challenge…but I like the variety, ha.

I am working on setting up a budget at the moment. I think I am going to do a quarterly budget to give myself a little more flexibility month-to-month. The two main budgets I’m focused on are clothing and cosmetics. I have a lot of big purchases coming up and hope to pay off my car early. Stay tuned!

XO Ali

20 thoughts on “Post-Challenge Clothing Hauls

  1. Do you feel you shop differently now after having a year of no clothing (e.g. quality and longevity)? Or did you just want to buy everything in sight (because you finally could!)? šŸ˜€ I love that you had a big shopping blow-out, I know I’d be the same!


    • It’s kind of a mix. There were certain items I was looking for (such as purses) that I knew I needed to replace. Then, there were other items that were “how-did-I-ever-live-without-this,” haha I also keep the tags on everything until I wear it, so I ended up taking a lot of stuff back. For example, I bought a really pretty floral dress at H&M, and then a week later another floral dress at Target. I decided I didn’t need two new ones, so I took the H&M one back. I’m definitely looking for quality items, though sometimes the price is just so tempting for cheap things!

  2. I love that gray/pink/yellow dress! I think it’s a smart idea to set up two budgets; I also spend a lot on cosmetics (I count hair products and salon services in that budget) – enough that it makes a difference to plan for it. Thankfully for the past couple of years I have mostly repeated skin care and makeup products which are successful for me (vs. spending a lot of money trying new things), so it has been somewhat of a fixed expense.

    But it’s a drag when you seem to run out of EVERYTHING at once and need to replace 5-6 full size items from Sephora. No fun spending over $100, and having absolutely nothing “new” to enjoy – you walk home with the same inventory you’ve always had.

    • I have realized that when I slowed down on clothes shopping, I picked up a beauty addiction habit. However, I have been much more into the subscription box trend as of late, than spending money on full-size products (except for lipsticks–they’re all so diffffffferent haha). I have enough sample sizes that I don’t need full-size products for months. But those sub boxes are going to start counting in my beauty budget. Most of the products are neutral or misses, but I have found a few that are absolutely incredible and worth the price for a full-size.

      I agree on the running out though. If I’m going to spend that much, I want to be able to “play” with my new makeup when I get home…ha

  3. I’m kind of having a little buyer’s remorse right now…I feel like I was doing pretty good until all the fall sweaters came out and I was all, “must buy ALL the snuggly things!” And Target is killing it with those purses, eh? Love what you have chosen so far!

    • Buyer’s remorse has pretty much been the definition of my September…ha. Or at least buyer’s guilt. I love the new stuff and have been wearing it a ton, but now what do I do with all the old items that aren’t getting as much wear?

      Le sigh…shopping addiction problems…

    • I have wanted that perfect yellow cardi for years, I’m not convinced this is it (I usually prefer cardis without pockets) but I still love it so much! Thank you for checking my blog out ā¤

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