The Last Topcoat You’ll Ever Need to Buy

I was hoping to be a little more productive today, but this nasty bout of flu I’ve been battling since Wednesday has turned into some kind of viral mess now. My voice is so hoarse, I can’t even call my dog from across the room without sounding like one of his squeaker toys. Yoshi got neutered on Friday, so we’re sailing the healing waters together…

Onto brighter topics:

I am the owner of the legendary nail polish top coat…wait for it…

hkgirlHK Girl by Glisten & Glow (avail. for purchase HERE)

Long has my frustration been when applying nail polish, only to have it start chipping same-day. I thought people who claimed that their nail polish would go days on end without even the slightest sign of chipping were either a. lying, or b. using some kind of witchcraft to achieve these results. In talking with my biff, she explained the need for a top coat to achieve such results, and recommended this as the best she’s ever tried (and that’s saying something for a girl who owns 300+ nail polishes!). Then, Jacqueline over at A Vibrant Day also recommended it. I knew I had to try it!

Ladies and gents, it has not let me down. First of all, I ordered it on a Wednesday, and it was here by lunch on Friday. How awesome is that?! Second of all, my nail polish dried in a matter of a couple minutes, and was rock hard within 5 minutes. No smudges, tackiness, nothing. Amazing. I am not a super knowledgeable nail polish guru, but I know when something works, and this was no exception.

At only $6.99 a bottle (and you can buy massive refills when your little prized possession runs out) + shipping, it boasts quite an impressive list of claims:

  • Intense shine*
  • Fast drying*
  • Durable, long lasting nature*
  • No shrinkage
  • Even consistency throughout the bottle*
  • Intensifies holographic polishes
  • Smooths and seals glitter polishes

*What I can confirm through my first few uses.

Have a great Sunday 🙂

XO Ali

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