Sunset 45 October 2014: South by Southwestern

Sunset 45 is probably the most unique of my subscription boxes, as they usually send a variety of both fashion and beauty items. This makes the box extra risky, but where would the fun be if you knew exactly what you were going to get every month?! I keep saying as much as I love the items, I am not certain about the $35 value, but I can’t get myself to cancel. I think I may at least give it till the end of the year 🙂 Who knows what holiday goodies these subscription boxes have in store?!

sunset45sxswAs indicated above, this month’s theme is “South by Southwestern.” I’m a big fan of southwestern prints, especially with accents of turquoise and denim. The scarf’s print is really fun, but I’m not certain about the color…I think with a chambray top and some matching camel-colored booties, it’ll work, but this particular shade of brown is just so…unique?

The jewelry is amazing though. Again, I don’t wear a ton of statement rings but the silver/turquoise necklace and earrings are right up my alley!

XO Ali

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