October Clothing Purchases

Happy Monday! I’ve narrowed down a starting clothing budget, and that is to spend no more than $750 quarterly. I like the idea of doing a quarterly budget to give me a little flex room for months where I find something I really like and vice versa. This comes out to about $250/month, with a little wiggle room. I also am not allowed to blow whatever I have left at the end of the quarter in order to make the most of my budget, because that would be counter-intuitive and I’ll probably end up with a lot of items I don’t “love.”

Side note: when I first told my bf about my $750 budget, he thought I meant for the entire year, to which I politely tried not to laugh in his face…

October 2014 Clothing Purchases:

Oct1Forever 21 Total: $41.46

When Forever 21 offered an additional 50% off their sale items on Columbus Day, paired with free shipping–no minimum purchase, I had to snag a few items that had been sitting in my cart for a while. I’m typically hesitant of Forever’s sale items, because they are final and cannot be returned. However, I knew my size in most of the items purchased, and they ended up all fitting!

The cowl-neck sweater is uncomfortable scratchy on my skin, so I’ll have to find a lightweight long-sleeve tee to wear underneath. The swimsuit is much more gray than cream in person, which is a total bummer, but not a deal-breaker. I’ll be taking this suit to Mexico in December 🙂 The floral bomber jacket is even cuter in person. It’s not the highest quality, but I’ll definitely get plenty of use out of it with some dresses this winter season. I also got a pair of tights and earrings in that $41.

Oct2Total DSW:  $80.57

These boots were like a song I couldn’t get out of my head. I have been looking for a pair of navy boots for ages. I found plenty of pairs of lace-up navy boots that I liked, but since I have so much navy in my wardrobe, I wanted it to be something that would at least be a little dressy for the office. Enter Kenneth Cole Reaction Cross Night Booties from DSW. With the chunky heel, buckled sides, and suede detailing safely removed from the ground’s wet elements on a cold, wintry day, these fit the bill to a T. I seriously abused Google’s search button trying to find a perfect pair like these. They’re currently en route. Did I mention I also had $15 in DSW rewards, getting the price down from $90 to $75 and tax?

Total American Eagle: $58.26

I wanted some cute, leopard-print slip-ons and through my search for the perfect blue bootie, I stumbled across American Eagle’s BOGO 50% off sale. In addition, it was 25% off hundreds of new arrivals! These shoes came out to less than $10, but I attributed a little extra to cover for tax. The sneakers are a size 8, so there’s a chance they won’t fit but I will have no issue taking them back if they do. AE also had these great stone-colored lace up moto-booties, which I got for 25% off in my true size, 8.5.

Oct3Total GoJane.com Purchase: $117.37

At over $100, this should be my last purchase for October. This is my first experience with GoJane.com, despite following their blog for some time. A lot of their clothing isn’t really my style, but when I find something that suits me, I fall in love. Interestingly enough, I found myself really into their sports luxe pieces, but had to narrow down my choices to these five (plus some other misc items) to maintain practicality and budgeting. I’m excited to shoot some new winter looks.

Like the perfect pair of blue booties, I have been looking for the same, but also in oxblood/burgundy. On a scale of 1-10, these are probably a 7 for what I was looking for, but the style and price is still great, and I will get a crap-ton (that’s a technical term!) of wear out of them. I’m all about the booties this fall/winter. All of their shoes that I bought came in half-sizes, so I was able to get an 8.5 in everything. I just hope they fit right since this is my first experience with GoJane.

Also, do these studded heels look familiar? They are an amazing dupe of Valentino’s “Rockstud” heels that I’ve been lusting after for a year. Any color please. But the black will be super pretty with some fall pieces.

Total October Clothing Expenditures: $297.66

Gulp. Guess I’ll have to do better in November. I did have some returns this month, making my budget appear better than it is, but I decided not to count those since those were out of September purchases.

XO Ali

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