Makeup Monday: Winter Butterfly (Vice 3 Palette)

Hello lovelies πŸ™‚

It’s the first Monday after the New Year, which for many of us, means it’s the first full-week back to work since mid-December. Never fear though, Makeup Monday is here to get us kicked off with an awesome week!

IMG_1092I received the gorgeous Vice 3 Palette by Urban Decay over the holidays, as a gift from one of my closest friends, Toni. With all the goodies I got over the break, this is the first time I’ve got to sit down and play with this palette! I’m already a huge fan of the Naked Palettes (Naked 2 being my holy grail go-to), whose creamy texture and longevity are renowned. While I’m still feeling my way around the palette, my initial impression is very good. The shadows are of a similar consistency and are super blendable!

The look I’ve created translates the pinks from the palette into an ombre finish on the lids:

IMG_1084I named this look “Winter Butterfly” for no other reason than the super bright pinks used, and the time of year I think it would be pretty to wear. Golds and silvers/grays are some of my favorite colors to wear, but I feel like they hit their peaks around the new year. I wanted something cheery and bright, since spring is now just a few months away (okay…I know winter just started, but spring at least feels closer now that the holidays are behind us).

The main colors I used are Alien (allover color), Alchemy (blended into the outer V), Bobby Dazzle (inner corners of eyes), and Truth (under-brow highlighter).

Vice3-2Step 1: I like to do the eyes before the face, because there’s nothing worse than finishing up your face, and then getting eyeshadow fallout or other product on your finished work. I always recommend starting with an eye primer (I used Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, though Too Faced has my favorite primer). Taking Alien on the shadow side of the Vice 3 brush, apply allover color to your eyelids, through your crease and up towards your browbone (though not on your browbone).

Step 2: Using your finger, pat Alchemy into the outer 1/3 corner of your eye. Use the other side of the Vice 3 brush to blend the colors together.

Step 3: Taking a clean brush, gently pat Bobby DazzleΒ on the inner corner of your eye, concentrating most of the product close to your tear duct. Gently sweep the color out towards the middle using your smallest finger, or a small blending brush.

Step 4: Using a clean makeup brush, or wiping off the one from Step 3, apply Truth to the browbone and sweep back and forth. This will help define the pink shadows and make your eyes pop without looking like you have pink-eye πŸ™‚

Step 5: Apply the rest of your makeup as desired. I used a mix of moisturizer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and brow color. I went with ombre lips, which may be overkill with the ombre eyes, but I don’t care! I love it!

IMG_1090Step 6: Once the rest of your makeup is applied, gently sweep Alien onto your lower lids. Add additional white to the tear-duct area as needed.

openclosed-lowI blended as well as I could, but I came to the realization last night that I have slightly hooded eyes! I never noticed before! Further testing will be done to figure out how to best apply and blend shadows with hooded eyes, since they don’t look nearly as good closed as they do open :/

Please let me know what you think in the comments section! Have you tried the Vice 3 palette? What’s your favorite look? Any tips for people with hooded eyes?

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XO Ali

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