Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract

I was recently sent a full-size bottle of Zenwise Labs’ Advanced Green Tea Extract for review. I’m torn at the idea of reviewing a supplement that I’ve only had for a few weeks, as I think most supplements show their effects over a long-term period, and I don’t want to be misleading. I plan on updating this review once I’m about half-way through the bottle or further, however, I will review what I know so far!

IMG_2532Zenwise Labs

Zenwise Labs is a company whose exclusive selling platform is on Amazon. While they don’t have an official website, they do have a Facebook page that can be accessed here. They sell a few other products such as probiotics supplements, hair growth vitamins, and digestive enzyme supplements as well.

This particular product is vegetarian and cruelty-free (not tested on our animal friends!), which is what drew me to the supplement in the first place. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 6 years and have recently switched to cruelty-free products, especially in beauty products. In addition, there’s tons of science behind the health benefits of green tea. Over the two weeks I have taken it, I have not noticed a substantial difference in myself. Some people take the supplement to aid in weight loss, but I wanted to try it primarily for its natural energy and health benefits.

The Amazon sales page states the following about the Green Tea Extract:

  • An Advanced Supplement for Enhanced Results – Our Advanced Green Tea Extract capsules are formulated to help promote weight loss, cholesterol reduction and healthier living in men and women.
  • The All-Natural Power of Green Tea – 120 capsules that contain our specialized caffeine-free Green Tea which acts as a natural fat burner to help optimize your physique and well-being.
  • A Boost of Vitamin C – Our diet pills also feature Vitamin C, which works in tandem with the polyphenols of the Green Tea to increase antioxidant protection against harmful free radicals that can attack the immune system.
  • A Supplement You Can Trust – Our powerful supplements are crafted in a cutting-edge FDA-registered facility that is NSF and GMP certified, and all of our products are manufactured in the USA.
  • Manufacturer Guarantee – We offer a 100% no-hassle Manufacturer Guarantee for all of our products. If you do not get the results that you were looking for, simply let us know and we will provide you with a full refund.

I do run a lot and was hoping to see an increase in performance, but I think that will come over the long-term, with the nutritional benefits of this extract. I have noticed an extreme bloating in myself over the last few weeks, and I have been nonstop thirsty. However, I started my annual half-marathon training (this will be my 7th) at the same time as starting this pill. I do not know if the bloating is related to either, but I’ve never bloated like this in the past while training.

IMG_2534The pill is bigger than my other supplements, but it goes down very easily. Also, it’s a four month supply! Huge bottle. My bottle looks exactly like the one pictured on Amazon. I wish Zenwise Labs would have an official website for more information on their products and their company. All I have been able to find are reviews, their facebook page, and their Amazon page.

IMG_2537This sponsored post is powered by Brandbacker.

Xo Ali

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