Goodbye for Now

Hi everyone:

I’ve been putting some major thought about what I want to do in relation to blogging lately, and have ultimately come to the sad conclusion to lay this blog to rest…

Does this mean I’ll be gone forever? Hardly not. But I’ve just lost a lot of my juju for this blog and I can’t devote the time and energy it needs to be properly maintained right now. I think ultimately I’ll start fresh with a new blog, and let this blog switch back to it’s original wordpress address ( once my annual domain registration runs out.

I feel sad and yet, at peace with this decision, as this has been a long time coming every since it’s original purpose was fulfilled last September. If you are interested in following me when I kick off a new (likely beauty-themed) blog, please let me know below and I will come back here and contact you guys once it’s official.

Thank you to all who have followed along the last 2 years. Your encouragement, advice, and blogs have given me so much energy and love that it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I’ll still follow along your blogs and maintain my Instagram account, so please keep in touch!

I’ll be adding another post soon in regards to some (brand new) items that will be for sell via Paypal, and I’ll include the instructions if you’re interesting in buying anything. I’ve been cleaning out my beauty collection and just need to clean house a bit on some items that I’ve never even opened! I have more than I’ll ever use.

Till then…

XO Ali