Michelle Phan Book Review

Are you a beauty blogger? A fashion blogger? A vlogger? Then KEEP reading! 🙂

Right before my vacation to Cancun, I was shopping at Target when I noticed the beautiful face of Michelle Phan staring back amid the vast book section. Curious, I picked it up and read a bit, (it’s not your average chapter book), put it back, and went home. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I decided it would make a fun read on vacation, not to mention providing some new inspiration and perspective on my blog! I ordered it from Amazon, and with my Prime membership, it arrived in 2 days!

I have to be honest, I knew next to nothing about Michelle when I first got the book, let alone that she is the FOUNDER of Ipsy! (Something almost all of you are familiar with/subscribe to). As a 27 year old, she boasts an incredible resume:

  • 7 million subscribers on YouTube
  • Her videos have been viewed over 1 billion times
  • Founder of Ipsy
  • Started her own cosmetics company “em”

The first 2 “chapters” (I use the word chapters loosely, as it’s such a guide/advice/tutorial-type book) cover her background. You wouldn’t know by looking at her that she grew up with almost nothing. It was really inspiring to hear her journey, and to read about her dedication and perseverance landing her where she is today. I’ll save the rest of her back story for you to discover 🙂

If you get a chance, go check out her YouTube channel. She’s just so darn sweet and likeable!

The videos that really brought her to initial fame were her transformation videos. Some of her looks include Angelina Jolie, Sailor Moon, Lady Gaga, Daenerys (Game of Thrones), and (zombie) Barbie!

Even thought she’s amazing at transforming into different characters, some of my favorite videos are her anybody-can-do makeovers. Her instructions are simple and practical, and she doesn’t go out of her way to suggest you buy or use a particular product, which I found very refreshing. Instead, she encourages you to work with what you have.

This is still one of my FAVORITE looks:

The other sections cover a wide variety of topics including makeup tutorials, resume building, career advice, etiquette, and creativity. There’s even a section dedicated to fashion/style! If you go to Amazon’s page, you can peak “Inside the Book.”

This is a great read. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times: she is SO inspiring! It makes me want to channel all my creativity and efforts into something beautiful I can share with others. If you are interested in getting a copy of her book, please enter my giveaway to win! It’s open until Saturday evening at 11:59 P.M.

Michelle-Phan-Book-CoverDomestic (U.S.) entries only–I will be sending the book straight to your home via Amazon.com

Once the winner is announced, you have 2 days to respond to my email (you must leave a valid email address for me to contact you), otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

And in the words of Mish: Good luck!


OOTD Challenge + eShakti Giveaway Winners!

Gooooood afternoon everyone! I have a lot of posts coming up that I am super excited about, but I have some catching up to do first 🙂

As a few of you may have read, I have developed a few challenges for myself relating to this blog:

  • The main reason I started this blog was to document my journey of a year w/o buying any new clothes (see the About section)
  • I am currently making it more difficult for myself by seeing how long I can go without repeat-wearing an article of clothing (shoes don’t count since I don’t have a ton)! I started this mini challenge on June 23rd, so I’m almost a month in!

Here’s 5 more OOTD’s worth sharing:

IMG_8483Greige cardi w/ black trim: H&M | Black dress: Target | Black heels: Target

IMG_8500Black cardi: Forever 21 | Teal dress: Target | Yellow belt: Forever 21 | Black flats & Yellow Earrings: Target

IMG_8653Navy/white striped top: Old Navy | Yellow shorts: Forever 21 | Boat shoes: Sperry’s

IMG_8642My favorite look so far! 🙂

Pink cardi: Maurice’s | White bow-tie blouse & Pearl Headband: Forever 21 | Gray skinnies: Reitman’s | Black flats: Target

IMG_8651Purple sweater: H&M | Houndstooth-skirt w/ leather waist: Forever 21 | Black heels: Target

My next order of business is to announce the 2 winners for my very first giveaway! I was lucky enough to partner up with the online retailer, eShakti.com, who provided my followers w/ a chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to use on their website! The two lucky winners are:

  1. Michele E.
  2. Martina W.

These winners were picked by random draw through Rafflecopter’s website, using random.org. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. And special congrats to the two winners! 😀

I highly recommend using Rafflecopter for your giveaways, as it is free and very easy to use.

Have a lovely week! XO


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GiveawayI’ve included some of my favorite pieces from eShakti, and this is just from the dresses section! Can you tell I’m a sucker for floral and bird prints?

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No Wardrobe Repeats: A Mini Challenge

This week has been so busy! My best friend got married last weekend (pictures to come!) and I started my second grad school term–a semester’s worth of 2 classes crammed into 6 weeks! Yikes. Add lots of work deadlines to that and you get a sucky blogger who doesn’t post much…

I’ve kind of let the purpose of this blog get away from me, so I’ve decided to throw a fun challenge in to get myself back in the game (well, technically I’ve not been “out” of the game, I just haven’t been blogging much about it).

The name of the challenge is “No Wardrobe Repeats,” as cleverly indicated in the post’s title. My goal is to see how many days I can go w/o re-wearing an item as of the 1st day of the challenge (Monday). Shoes and accessories don’t count, bc I’d be out of shoes in a matter of a couple weeks. I really don’t own that many pairs anymore.

Day 1:

IMG_8295Cream-colored lacey floral dress: Charlotte Russe | Brown cardigan: Target | Sandals: Aero

Day 2:

IMG_8331Coral dress: H&M | Gray/beige sweater: H&M | Lace-up oxford heels: DSW

IMG_8332I wasn’t feeling that great today (allergies), sorry for my general sloppiness

Sweater: Victoria’s Secret | Teal skirt: Forever 21 | Black flats: Target

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$25 eShakti Giveaway!

My very first giveaway has arrived! I am very thankful to eShakti for providing two $25 gift cards to two lucky winners! The best part is, there is no minimum purchase! These are good as cash 🙂 Add that to the $25 off just for signing up on their website & the 10% off for using my code “fullclosetes,” and that’s a free dress!

GiveawayRules & Terms:

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