My Latest Obsession: Nail Art

“I want ALL the nail stuffs!”

At least that has been my train-of-thought lately.

Back in December, I ordered a bunch of nail supplies from Amazon, and they’ve been trickling in all month long, some arriving all the way from Hong Kong! They are all still similarly priced if you see anything that you would also like to buy. For about $30–including shipping which was mostly free–I got ALL of the following (click on the picture for the link to Amazon):

brushes15 piece nail paint drawing brush and 5 two-way dotting tools: $3.87

rhinestonewheels10 pack manicure wheels (rhinestones, studs, etc.): $9.56

tipguidesPack of 10 tip guides (chevron, teardrop, french): $1.50

studwheelSingle pack (600 pieces) of gold and silver studs: $2.00

nailtapes30 rolls of metallic striping tape: $2.19

nailtoolsSHANY Cosmetics 6 piece manicure tool set (heavy duty!): $9.95

paintpaletteDish paint palette and 3 nail brushes: $2.41 (I could have gone without this item and used any other kind of dish to mix polishes, but I wanted something I could reuse).

I just ordered (despite my shopping ban…more on that later) a 13″ caboodle organizer from Amazon as well, and I can’t wait to organize all my new supplies (not to mention, get that drawer space back from my dresser where I currently house my nail polishes and supplies). The size is 13x8x9 and runs about $34.99, but is the #1 seller in cosmetic train cases on

51QAd310WQLDespite train cases being around for, well, a long time, my 8-year old self is squealing at the idea of a grown-up Caboodle-brand box, haha. I had a plastic purple and pink one where I stored crayons, yarn, and other art supplies when I was a kid. I thought I was queen of the town lugging that thing around. You know what I’m talking about…

I want to start doing my nails on a regular basis. I have to now that I have all these supplies, right? 😉 It’s going to require improving a lot on my technique, but I’m confident that if I put my mind to do, I can learn a lot and hopefully have some fun designs to show you all!

If you know anything about my blog, know I’m also a self-proclaimed dork. It keeps me young at heart 🙂 These themed nails are all designs I would totally do (though mine would not come out as nicely, haha):

sailormoonnailsSailor Moon nails: because Sailor Moon, DUH. My favorite anime of all time!

pikachunailsPokemon nails: especially Pikachu. Give me all the Pikachu things.

sleepingbeautynailsSleeping Beauty: my fave Disney movie.

mlpnailsMy Little Pony nails (the new version): because they’re bright, cheery, full of color, and epitomize anime-eyes.

I’ve also always been really into Japanese nail art. I kind of love how gaudy some of the designs are–it’s like a whole new part of your body to accessorize! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out some of these superbly-amazeballs designs:

Would I do my nails these ways? Not necessarily all of them, but some of them, heck yes! You can probably tell which ones pretty easily. A. My nails aren’t long enough to do half of these designs (though I’m pretty sure many of these are on acrylics!). B. I would rip my hair out trying to wash it, style it, think about it. C. I would accidentally knock the charms off in just a few hours. D. I’m not that talented, haha.

Which brings me to another topic: have you ever heard of fimo canes? I hadn’t!

fimocanesThey are these longish tubes in one particular design that are made for you to cut teeny-tiny slivers off to adorn your nails, phone cases, etc. Typically, a boxcuter or razor is used on these….

fimocanes2…to make nail designs like this:

fimocanesnailsI’m sure it would take a lot of practice and precision to get them thin enough to stay on your nails with a glue or top coat.

What do you think of these nail trends? I can’t wait to try some out! Do you have any tips on how best to adhere charms to your nails? I’ve heard of using nail glue, but I wonder if a dot of acryllic over your polish would work best?

XO Ali

Boxycharm October 2014 Bewitched Box

I love fall, and I’m loving these Halloween-themed beauty boxes even more! Boxycharm $21/month The box: monthly box filled with full-size and luxury-size beauty samples Brand sample: Tarte, Coastal Scents, Tarina Tarantino, Essie, Revlon, Be a Bombshell Extras: earn “charms” … Continue reading

The Ultimate Birthday Wishlist

The Ultimate Birthday Wishlist

The Ultimate Birthday Wishlist by myclosetisfull

Sigh…my birthday isn’t until September 1st, but it’s never too early to dream, right? These are several items that have been building in my “wants” queue for some time now…

Some are luxury items that I wouldn’t be able to afford unless I should save some $$, and some are everyday purchases.

NOOK GlowLight, Barnes and Nobles $119 – I guess I’m a hypocrite. For years, I have stated that I would NEVER want an e-reader, because I love the feel and smell of a real book, not to mention that feeling when you close it after you’ve finished. But I just can’t deny the convenience of it when traveling and I’m toting around 4 books bc I don’t know which one I’ll feel like reading. Plus, you can also read in the dark, cha!

Lacey Bralette, any color/brand (this one is from Charlotte Russe, $5 clearance) – they’re so freakin’ cute and comfy, and perfect for wearing around the apartment when it’s too warm, or under a loose tank top for some fun in the sun.

Cynthia Rowley Sunglasses in “Honey Tortoise,” $109 – I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE Cynthia Rowley’s accessories. These sunglasses have been on my hit-list since spring. I desperately need new sunglasses to replace my cheap ones that are all falling apart (and I can’t replace until after my challenge is over!)

Tarte Amazonian Butter 5-pc Lipstick Set, online only @ $33 I own only one of their Amazonian Butter lipsticks in “watermelon,” and I love the smooth, buttery texture. It doesn’t dry my lips out, and the bright pop of color is perfect for summer! These 5 colors I am crushing on so hard…

Topshop Pink Purse, $76ahhh words cannot describe my lust for this bag. Most of these items are wants, while this is one I actually need. Even my boyfriend has pointed out the sad state of my only remaining ‘everyday’ purse. It is FALLING APART. I have really been gravitating towards feminine pinks, creams, and golds lately, and this purse is the perfect size for my everyday-need. Come to me, purse. Come.

Boat shoes, size 8.5 $29 I accidentally stumbled upon these while looking for Sperry’s for another list. I thought they were cute, affordable, and they’re nautical, duh! What’s not to love?

“Alison” necklace, $55 – Ever since “Sex and the City” aired, many a girls wanted to have their very own “Carrie” necklace, and I am no exception.

Vegan Cuts Subscription Box, $25/mo or less – subscription boxes will be the downfall of me. I am new to food boxes, having just ordered my first (free) sample box from LoveWithFood due in August. However, this brand, as the name indicates, is vegan-friendly! Though I am not a vegan, I am a vegetarian, and sometimes there are meat-products in the most unlikely culprits. This box comes monthly w/ 7-10 vegan (and mostly gluten-free) snacks. It costs less as you buy more. For a six-month subscription, you can pay $115 vs $150 (6 mos. x $25/mo)! They also have a beauty box, but I’m trying to trim down my beauty purchases due to the amount of money spent and the sheer size of my beauty/sample collection.

Kirby Triple Deluxe for Nintendo 3DS, <$30 – Nerd alert: I love my 3DS. Because it’s a portable game-system, I can take it anywhere. My love for Kirby goes back to the days of the N64 and playing Super Smash Bros. with my brother when we were kids. I know I’ll have fun playing any of his games, and the fact that I can take it with me (vs. having to be at home to play my WiiU) is a huge plus. HYUH!

Molecule 01, $135 – Ah, the legendary perfume has made it’s way onto my list. Molecule 01 is only fragrance I would ever pay this much for without ever having tried it. If you’ve never read about it before, it’s made with just one fragrant chemical: the Iso E Super. It’s literally a scientific wonder that smells different on each user. Read the description on their website: “The velvety woody note is highly sensitive to body chemistry and twists and turns as it evolves, enticing the wearer with an almost pheromone-like fascination.” Yes, please.

Olivia Burton Rose-Gold Plated Watch, $128 – I love this watch. Love. Love. Love. I didn’t even realize it was the same one from my spring pastels wishlist when I added it. This only affirms that I have to have it when my shopping hiatus is over.

Tiffany Infinity Band Ring, $175 – because what girl doesn’t want a little blue box? It’s timeless, stunning, and the perfect ring to match any occasion.

IKEA 36 x 77 Wall-Mounted Mirror, $100 – my long mirror is one of those flimsy-hanging-on-the-back-door-even-though-I-broke-my-first-one mirrors. I need a real mirror. Like the kind that doesn’t warp you to make you crazy disproportionate. The kind that you have to bolt to the wall. That’s a real mirror, meow.

Cynthia Rowley Eye Liner in Sky Blue, $16 – I shared an instagram selfie last week wearing my silver eyeliner, and I loved it so much that I decided I have to have the blue as well. I’ve seen so many gorgeous bloggers sporting it, and it must. be. mine.

Waffle Maker, any $25-30 – this is kind of a silly one. I have this vision of me waking up on Saturday mornings with my pup and making waffles for me and Ryan, us laughing, there being candlelight (even though it’s 9 a.m. in my vision) and Yoshi curled up at my feet. But really, I love carbs, and waffles are awesome.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in “Candy Shop” and “Stronger,” $20/ea – Hello sparkles! I am currently awaiting on “Mermaid’s Dream” to come in the mail…but I already know I’m going to love it. I want “Candy Shop” too, because it’s pink, sparkly, and it’s unlike any other polish I have. Same goes for “Stronger.”